Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Carmichael

Knight Family, 

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!! My name is Ms.Carmichael and I am one of your School Counselors. I look forward to meeting each of you throughout the course of the year! I am honored to be in the position of providing additional support to ALL of you. You can find my office right across from the Media Center. You can contact me by email or by calling 919-934-4696 ext 1010. 


About Ms.Carmichael 

I first completed The ASAP program at Ivy Tech Community College, which enabled me to earn an Associate of Art in 11 months. I then attended Ball State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and remained at the university to earn a Master of Art in School Counseling. After graduating, I packed up my things and moved from Indiana to North Carolina, with my dog Maggie who you see in the picture above! 


What is a school counselor? 

Your school counselor is dependable, honest, empathetic, welcoming, authentic, and understanding. 

School Counselors are trained in three domains: Academics, College and Career readiness, and Social Emotional Learning. These domains are defined by ASCA, the American School Counselor Association. School counselors want to see you challenge yourself and succeed academically. School counselors want to watch you grow and live a quality life pursuing opportunities you are passionate about. School counselors want to help you navigate your emotions, gain emotional intelligence, and become the best version of yourself! I vow to continue to grow in these areas to best serve you. Albert Einstein once said, “wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it”  


How to reach me

You can find my office right across from the Media Center. You can contact me by email or by calling 919-934-4696 ext 1010. If you wish to speak with me, let your teacher know if it is a small, medium, or large reason. Be honest. Your teacher and I will communicate and decide when it is the best time for you to visit me. Please remember that a school counselor cares for every student and has additional duties to best serve the school. 


Examples of small, medium, and large concerns: 

  1. Small: There is something bothering you but you are able to be resilient and still focus on your studies. 
  2. Medium: There is drama and it tends to distract you from your school work, but you regain focus. 
  3. Large: You are having racing thoughts and can not focus, AT ALL, on anything the teacher is saying. You have completely given up and pay zero attention.