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    WorkKeys is a national assessment tool that helps employers select, hire, train, develop, and retain a high-performance workforce. WorkKeys is a national assessment tool that uses multiple-choice tests to measure real-world skills and career readiness. 

    WorkKeys helps identify the level of skills you possess to determine your potential for success on the job.WorkKeys scores can help you determine your skill based levels and be used as a recognized credential in the hiring process. 

    Skill levels are measured in 3 areas: Workplace Documents, Graphic Literacy, and Applied Mathmatics. Students will earn a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) based on their test score in each area. Use this link for more information about the WorkKeys Assessment. Practice questions for the test are available here.

    Who Takes WorkKeys? 

    ACT WorkKeys is administered to high school seniors who are CTE concentrators. A students must have taken 2 courses in a CTE pathway with at least 1 of those courses being an upper level course. 

    Employers Supporting WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificates 

    Employers are supporting ACT Work Ready Communities by recognizing or recommending the ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate as a measure of foundational workplace skills. By publically supporting ACT Work Ready Communities, these employers are helping their counties build a strong workforce development initiative and attain the ACT Work Ready Comminities status.