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    Question and Answers about Senior Ads

    Q. How do I purchase a Senior Ad?

    A. Complete an order form, then submit the form with your pictures (JPEG format, 300 DPI).

    Make a check payable to SJHS - mail or drop off at the front office. Mrs. Medlin's room is 2105.


    Q. How can I contact the yearbook staff or yearbook adviser?

    A. Email cathrynmedlin@johnston.k12.nc.us or call the school at 919.894.8804 ext 5538 after 11 am.


    Q. Will I get my pictures back?

    A. Yes, you will receive your flash drive back at the end of school. It is easier to email pictures.


    Q. Can I see my Senior Ad before it is published?

    A. Yes, In fact, we want you to see it and approve the content. At the time it is finalized, we will

    send you a PDF of the proof. Please provide us with a valid email address.


    Q. Can my ad be a surprise for my senior?

    A. Yes, Indicate on the contract form that it is a surprise and we will only discuss with you about the ad.


    Q. Can a student have more than one ad (one from parents, one from a grandparent, etc)

    A. Yes, you may request 2 ads and they will be placed side by side in the yearbook.


    Q. What if I want more pictures in a senior ad than is recommended?

    A. We understand it is hard to choose pictures, but the more pictures you have the more cluttered the page looks.

    We recommend NO MORE than 18 to 20 photos.


    Q. Can I layout the ad at home on a piece of paper indicating where the pictures and the message may go?

    A.  That is a great idea, you can also look at past yearbooks to get an idea of the style you may like

    for us to re-create.


    Q. Can I complete the ad on the computer and turn it in as a finished product?

    A. Yes, but it must be 8.5 X 11 size, JPEG pictures only, and the pictures must be 300 DPI. It is best to get the

    yearbook staff to create the ad,  because we have the software and have the exact dimensions. 


    Q. Can we send you pictures or written material by email?

    A. Yes, send them to cathrynmedlin@johnston.k12.nc.us.

    Be sure to include ALL details. You may also drop off flash drive or CD, be sure to use JPEG format.


    Q. How are the ads to be paid for?

    A. Ads require a deposit of at least $100.00 to reserve your spot.

    You will have several months to complete your payments. Make your check payable to SJHS.