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         This section of our website is devoted to resources for students who may not want to attend a four year university immediately out of high school....or maybe ever!  There are so many other pathways to a successful, fulfilling and good-paying career that do not involve going to a traditional four year university.  We will include a variety of careers, trades, apprenticeships and job opportunities that are out there and available - some immediately upon graduation and others that require some specific short-term training (anywhere from a few months to two years).  These exciting opportunities will appeal to students:

    • who need to get a good-paying job very quickly upon graduation
    • for whom the traditional classroom was not appealing
    • who need to learn by doing
    • who don't want to get into a lot of debt to start a career

    We look forward to working with you to help you gain the direction, knowledge and skills necessary to build a rewarding, successful and fulfilling career after you graduate.



    Your Student Services Team