• K12 payment center logo

    To make an online payment to CHHS for fees such as Driver Education or Prom, please follow the directions below.


    k12 payment center login screen

    1) Go to k12paymentcenter.com in your web browser.

    2) Click "LOGIN" in the top right then you can Sign Up to maintain an account...

    • OR "Continue as Guest" if you don't want to sign up at this time.

    3) Choose your STATE and DISTRICT (Johnston County Public Schools) before continuing.


    Select Filters and Select a School

    4) Click FILTERS to sort by school.


    Corinth Holders High

    5) Be sure to select Corinth Holders High.


    Add to Cart

    6) Find the fee you want to pay and enter the student's first and last name. You do NOT have to enter a Homeroom.

    7) Click "ADD TO CART"


    Click the shopping cart

    8) Click the shopping cart to pay.

    9) From there you will proceed to enter your payment information and submit.

    10) If paying as a GUEST, you will receive a confirmation email if you enter an email address in the last step.