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     As a stakeholder community, Johnston County Public Schools is committed to providing educators with quality coaching and feedback throughout the improvement process.  Please find (below) updated resources and tools regarding evaluation, coaching, and the NC Educator Evaluation System for school executive leaders and teacher leaders.

    NCEES Login Page

    Here, you can access your professional development plan, observations, and your self-assessment.  The NC Educator Evaluation System, housed under True North Logic, is linked within NCEdCloud's system.  Use the link to access NCEdCloud, then click on True North Logic.

    Online PD Offerings from NCDPI, by School Executive Standards

    Looking for professional development opportunities by School Executive Standard?  Check out this extensive list of both online and instructor-led courses, provided by NCDPI, to support educators in their continued professional growth.  

    NC Teacher Evaluation Manual

    Use this quick link to access the NC Teacher Evaluation manual.


    SBE Policy:  Evaluations

    Linked here is the full list of policies regarding the North Carolina teacher evaluations and qualifications via State Board Policies.