• Kids


    Parents of upcoming kindergarten children are encouraged to reserve a seat for their children for the first day of school by registering online beginning February 1st, then in person at your child’s school starting March 12, 2019. Children must be five years old on or before August 31, 2019 to enroll. Parents are strongly encouraged to register their children online before March 12, 2019 to assist the school in planning for the upcoming school year.  If you can not make March 12th, you can call for an appointment that better suits your time.  

    Please call Mrs. Wanda Garner at (919) 934-2978 and she will be happy to make an appointment for you. Registration takes approxiamately 15 minutes. 


    To register your child, you will need the following information:

    • Proof of residence - examples can include a lease agreement, electric bill, water bill - these need to be in your name (a phone bill or driver's license is not acceptable proof)

    Note: If you are living with someone else and the bill is not in your name, we will need a copy of their proof of residence. You will also need to complete a Confirmation of Residency form and have it notarized before enrolling. You may pick up this form at our office any time prior to registration.


    • Proof of age - birth certificate or hospital record - Kindergarten students must be 5 years old on or before August 31


    • Parent picture ID - Driver's license or state ID with the same name as listed on the child's documented proof of age 


    • Immunization record and physical records


    • Custody papers if any are required


    Only a parent or legal guardian can register a child.