• P.E at HOME!

    Stay active and healthy during our time away from school!

    Below you will find a few links and resources to help kids stay busy and moving during our break.  Please encourage your kids to try these and other activities that involve physical activity to get that recommended 60 minutes of exercise a day! 

    Some of the videos you will find are Excellent to use as breaks during other instruction.  When students or parents are getting overwhelmed allow students to stretch and move to a fun workout or dance video.



    Here is a March activity calendar that can be checked off as completed. PARENTS please join in on the exercises and get moving as well. Don’t forget everyone needs 60 minutes a day!


    This is probably my FAVORITE resource right now!!!! If you are only going to look at one thing on this page please click below!


    These are fantastic workout videos for kids. They are themed workouts set to your kids favorite characters such as Batman, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Black Panther, Harry Potter, Avengers and many more.  These are perfect for a quick break between lessons or do multiple ones for a good overall workout.  Each video is only 3-5 mins long but fun and fairly easy to follow along to.



    K-2 students are probably very familiar with this website because of indoor recess days. Choose a song or video and get moving. Invite the whole family to dance, laugh, and work up a sweat.



    Just Dance Videos on YouTube

    Great fun for all ages! Just press play and do your best to follow along. These are great for short breaks between other assignments.  This is a great one for the whole family!  



    This is a fantastic page with many activities for students and families to try at home. There are video descriptions, detailed lessons, and many resources to get you up and moving!



    This is an easy to use resource for K-1 students. There are YouTube yoga videos and she also an app you could download and use. Any age could perform the yoga routines but I feel likes it’s geared more toward the younger ones.



    They have a free kids workouts section for anyone to use after signing up and they are even customizable and have student examples for all of the follow along workouts, just click on the “Kids Workouts” section after logging in

    This is awesome because since it’s customizable you can delete activities that are too hard and replace them with easier versions – or if it’s too easy, you can replace them with more challenging activities and exercises…. You can also set the amount of time for the workout and it adjusts exercises accordingly.

    Then just follow along with the kid instructor.