Box Tops
  • Box Tops     BOX TOPS is going DIGITAL!!!    Box Tops

        Click here to see the App!

    Please go to the APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY store to download the 100% FREE Box Tops App!  Once downloaded, select Benson Elementary School and all you have to do is scan your reciepts.  The app will detect what was purcahsed and automatically send money to our school!

    If you do not want to download the app you can still help our school by turning in all of your grocery shopping receipts.  There will be a BOX TOP Mailbox outside of the gym that students can turn the reciepts into.  We can then scan the receipts for you.

    This year we would like to reward the students who collect the most Box Tops throughout the year.  We are looking into some options that include Special Luncheons, Extra Enhancements, and even an Award to be given at the End of Year Awards.