Classroom Supply Lists 2020-2021


    Wilson’s Mills Elementary School

    Supply List 2020-2021


    Kindergarten and 1st Grade


    1 pair of reliable headphones

    2 packages pink rectangular erasers

    2 boxes of tissue

    20 glue sticks (2 per month)

    1 zipper pouch with clear front & binder holes

    1 pair of blunt tip Fiskar scissors

    4 boxes of 24 count crayons (1 per quarter)

    2 packs pre-sharpened #2 pencils

    2 wide ruled composition books

    2 plastic folders with pockets and prongs

    1 pack of sheet protectors 1 box of Ziploc bags (quart or gallon)

    1 backpack large enough for folders (no wheels please)

    1 package baby wipes

    1 pack crayola markers

    1 pack expo dry erase markers (thin)

    1 complete change of clothes, including undergarments and


    1 towel or small blanket for rest time (Kindergarten only)

    ***A set of crayons, glue, pencils and scissors will be

    needed for homework to keep at home


    2nd Grade


    1 pair of reliable headphones (no earbuds) 

    Due to sanitary conditions, students must have their own reliable headphones for daily use!

    2 marble wide ruled composition notebooks

    3 boxes of tissues

    1 bottle of hand sanitizer

    1 bottle of hand soap

    20 glue sticks (2/month)

    3 boxes pre-sharpened #2 pencils (12 or 24)

    2 boxes of 24 crayons

    1 cloth zippered pencil pouch (for binder, no hard boxes)

    1 pair of blunt Fiskar Scissor

    1 backpack - no wheels

    1 plastic folder with prongs

    1 pack of 5 tab dividers (reading notebook supplied by teacher)

    Wish List Items:

    Clorox Wipes

    Hand sanitizer

    Paper towels

    Hand soap

    Sheet protectors

    Ziploc bags (sandwich, quart, gallon)

    Dry erase markers (thin or thick)


    3rd Grade


    1 backpack (no wheels please)

    1 cloth zippered pencil pouch (no hard boxes, please)

    1- 1-inch- 3-ring binder with plastic cover to put in cover sheet

    4 packs of pre-sharpened #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)

    2 black sharpies 

    1 pack of yellow highlighters 

    1 package of dry erase markers (prefer low odor Expo)

    4 boxes of 24 crayons (1 for each quarter) *write NAME on each  box*

    4 packs of erasers

    2 pairs of blunt tip Fiskar scissors (very important)

    10 glue sticks

    6 wide-ruled marble composition notebooks

    2-pocket plastic folders (1 red, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 yellow)

    2 packages of wide - ruled notebook paper

    2 packages of sheet protectors

    2 packages of 4x6 index card

    4 boxes of tissues

    1 clipboard (slim-clip clipboard) Picture displayed at bottom right corner

    1 pair of sturdy headphones- over the ear (NO earbuds.)


    Wish List Items:

    1 box each of snack, quart and gallon sized Zip Lock Bags

    Large hand sanitizer pump

    Assorted colors/sizes of Post-it Notes

    Clorox Wipes


    4th and 5th Grade


    1 3-ring binder (2 inches thick)

    2 1 subject spiral composition notebooks

    1 5-subject spiral notebook with plastic front cover 

    12 glue sticks

    1 pair of scissors

    2 24-pack of #2 pencils

    1 (12 pack) box of colored pencils

    1 package of sheet protectors

    1 pack of (5) Big Tab white write-on dividers

    1 4 pack of highlighters

    1 3-ring pencil pouch

    1 backpack

    1 set of earbuds

    individual pocket tissues

    individual hand sanitizers


    Wish List Items:


    construction paper

    hand sanitizer                   

    glue sticks

    lysol wipes            

    wide ruled paper 


    poster board