• The Gun Vocabulary

    Chapters 1&2

    1. Seething: a state of agitation or excitement
    2. Extorted: to take illegally
    3. Mocking: to attack or treat with ridicule
    4. Uneasy: uncomfortable or disturbed
    5. Swagger: to walk with an air of arrogance
    6. Frumpy: a person who is plain and unattractive
    7. Manipulate: to influence skillfully; especially in an unfair manner
    8. Reputation: the estimation in which a person or thing is held
    9. Suspension: withholding of a privilege
    10. Intimidate: to make timid or fill with fear

    Chapters 3&4

    1. Philosophy: a system of guiding principles
    2. Taunting: to provoke in an insulting manner
    3. Raucous: rowdy or disorderly
    4. Intrude: to force in without invitation
    5. Grazed: to scrape the skin slightly
    6. Makeshift: a temporary substitute
    7. Edgy: impatient, irritable, and anxious
    8. Writhing: to twist the body and squirm
    9. Crippled: disabled or impaired
    10. Humiliate: a painful loss of pride, self-respect, or dignity

    Chapters 5&6

    1. Obvious: easily seen, recognized, or understood
    2. Caress: a gesture expressing affection
    3. Devastated: to overwhelm; lay waste
    4. Disrespectful: lacking courtesy or esteem
    5. Idolize: to worship as a god
    6. Angular: bony, lean, or gaunt
    7. Dabbling: to work at in a superficial manner
    8. Vulnerable: capable of being hurt
    9. Obstacle: something that hinders progress
    10. Threatening: causing alarm by being sinister

    Chapters 7&8

    1. Bolting: a sudden, swift dash
    2. Stucco: exterior finish for masonry
    3. Adjacent: lying near or close
    4. Stench: an offensive odor
    5. Overwhelm: to overcome completely in mind or feeling
    6. Cautious: to be guarded in a situation
    7. Offensive: highly irritating or annoying
    8. Scrawl: to write carelessly or illegibly
    9. Recipient: a person or thing that receives
    10. Fitfully: recurring irregularly

    Chapters 9&10

    1. Agonizing: resulting in agony or distress
    2. Putrid: in a state of foul decay or decomposition
    3. Frankness: plainness of speech; candor
    4. Recoiling: to wind into continuous vigor
    5. Swiftly: moving with great speed or velocity
    6. Tense: mental or nervous strain
    7. Nauseate: to cause to feel extreme disgust
    8. Suspicious: feeling questionable toward a situation
    9. Static: showing little or no change
    10. Objection: a reason or argument offered in disagreement