• Lord of the Flies


    Chapters 1&2:

    Write sentences for all 10 vocab words.

    1. Why do you think the boys try to bring civilized society to the island?
    2. When the plane crashed, the path of destruction it left on the island is called a “scar.” Why do you think the author chose this word?
    3. What instances of foreshadowing occur in this chapter? What predictions can you make about what sorts of things might happen later in the novel?
    4. What do you think the  conch itself might symbolize?
    5. In what ways might the behavior of the boys during the meeting foreshadow later events?
    6. What do you think Piggy’s glasses might represent?
    7. What is ironic about the consequences of the boys’ decision to light a fire? In light of these consequences, what do you think it and the “drum-roll” represent?
    8. What do the events of these first two chapters reveal about the major themes of the novel? (Look back at PP notes)

    Chapters 3&4:

    Write sentences for all 9 vocab words.

    1. Regarding the nightmares of the younger boys, should this fear among the boys be something Ralph and Jack should be worried about? Why or why not?
    2. If the only thing holding Roger back from hitting Henry are the memories from the past, what happens when those memories start to disappear?
    3. Discuss the change in Jack’s personality that is described at the beginning of Chapter 3. What is Jack’s highest priority, and what does this tell us about him?
    4. How are all the boys except Ralph and Simon behaving? What is Golding telling us about human nature? What important qualities do Ralph, Simon, and Piggy have that the other boys seem to lack?
    5. What is making it difficult for Ralph and Jack to communicate and get along? Where do you think their differences will lead?
    6. Why do you think Jack and the littluns have fears about a “beastie,” but Ralph, Simon, and Piggy don’t?
    7. What does Chapter 3 reveal about Simon’s personality, and what importance do you think this will have later in the novel?
    8. Describe the behavior of the boys at the beginning of Chapter 4.
    9. Why does Maurice walk away when Percival starts crying, and why doesn’t Roger throw the stones directly at Henry? What does their behavior suggest about human nature?
    10. How do the hunters behave in response to the success of the hunt, and what is the significance of this behavior?
    11. What do you think will result from the open conflict between Jack and Ralph and from Jack’s success at getting meat?
    12. Discuss the thematic significance of the title of Chapter 4.

    Chapters 5&6:

    Write sentences for all 7 vocab words.

    1. What change came over Ralph as a result of the signal fire incident?
    2. What points did Ralph make at the meeting?
    3. What does Simon say about the beast, and what do you think he means? How does everyone else react to what he says?
    4. Why are the rules so important to Ralph? What are the consequences of breaking them?
    5. What does Sam and Eric’s description of the beast tell us about human psychology?
    6. Why do you think Ralph doesn’t really expect to encounter the beast?
    7. How do most of the boys react to their discovery of the “castle”? What foreshadowing takes place at the end of the chapter?

    Chapters 7&8:

    Write sentences for all 7 vocab words.

    1. What disturbing thing do the group of hunters and Ralph do immediately after their encounter with the pig? How is Ralph’s behavior surprising? What does this behavior foreshadow?
    2. Why do you think Golding (the author) plotted the story so that the boys would go up the mountain in the dark?
    3. How does Piggy show “intellectual daring”? Why is this so significant to the boys?
    4. Why do you think the biguns wait until the other boys are occupied to leave instead of supporting Jack’s challenge during the meeting?
    5. What are the consequences of the group’s decision not to follow Simon’s suggestion?
    6. What foolish decision does Jack make during the hunt, and why is it foolish?
    7. What happens to Simon after the hunters leave his clearing? What is the “lord of the flies”? What does it represent? How does it talk to Simon--what does its speech really indicate?


    Chapters 9&10:

    Write sentences for all 3 vocab words.

    1. What are the purpose and effect of Jack’s generosity with the meat he and the hunters obtained?
    2. Why does Jack command the boys to dance and chant and why is this an effective leadership tactic?
    3. How is killing the “beast” ironic and tragic for everyone on the island?
    4. Why do you think the author had Simon’s body washed away, and what does this represent in a psychological sense?
    5. How do Ralph and Piggy react to Simon’s death?
    6. What does the narrator mean to suggest when he says, “Memory of the dance that none of them had attended shook all four boys convulsively”?
    7. How do the biguns seem to define a “proper chief”? What does this suggest about human psychology?
    8. What does Jack do that causes Roger to have doubts about his leadership?

    Chapters 11&12:

    Write sentences for all 10 vocab words.

    1. In what ways are the twins “seeing Ralph for the first time” before they all set off for Castle Rock?
    2. Why do you think Roger pushes the rock off the cliff?
    3. How is the destruction of the conch symbolically significant?
    4. Why does Ralph hit the pig’s head?
    5. Why do you think Samneric decide to join Jack’s tribe? Why do they tell Jack where Ralph is hidden?
    6. What foolish method do the boys use to ensure that they find Ralph? What does this decision suggest about the power of hatred and violence versus the power of reason?
    7. What does Ralph’s hiding place symbolize?
    8. What is ironic about how the boys are saved?