Chapter 1 and 2:

    1. Efflorescence: blooming of flowers, state of flowering
    2. Enmity: deep seated hatred; state of being an enemy
    3. Decorous: exhibiting appropriate behavior or conduct
    4. Chorister: a singer or leader of a choir
    5. Bastion: a stronghold or fortification; similar to a stronghold
    6. Hiatus: a gap or interruption in continuity; a break or pause
    7. Ebullience: zestful or spirited enthusiasm
    8. Recrimination: the act of accusing in return; opposing another charge
    9. Tumult: commotion of a great crowd; disorder
    10. Tirade: a long angry or violent speech; a diatribe

    Chapters 3&4:

    1. Oppressive: using power unjustly; burdensome
    2. Inscrutable: difficult to understand, mysterious
    3. Vicissitudes: a change or variation; unexpected changes in life
    4. Declivities: downward slopes, as of a hill
    5. Tacit: not spoken; implied by actions or statements
    6. Blatant: totally or offensively obtrusive; very obvious
    7. Taboo: excluded or forbidden from use or mention
    8. Sinewy: lean and muscular; stringy and tough
    9. Malevolently: having an ill will or wishing harm to others; malicious

    Chapters 5&6

    1. Ludicrous: obviously absurd; foolish
    2. Ineffectual: insufficient to produce an effect; useless
    3. Jeer: to abuse vocally; taunt or mock
    4. Inarticulate: incomprehensible; unable to speak with clarity
    5. Leviathan: something very large; giant sea creature in the Bible
    6. Clamor: a loud outcry; great expression of discontent
    7. Mutinously: unruly; insubordinate or constituting a mutiny

    Chapters 7&8

    1. Crestfallen: dispirited and depressed; dejected
    2. Impervious: incapable of being penetrated or affected
    3. Enterprise: an undertaking or business organization; industrious
    4. Glowered: looked at or stared angrily or sullenly
    5. Rebuke: to criticize sharply; check or repress
    6. Demure: modest and reserved in manner or behavior
    7. Fervor: great intensity of emotion; intense heat

    Chapters 9&10

    1. Corpulent: excessively fat
    2. Sauntered: to walk at a leisurely pace; stroll
    3. Compelled: to force or drive; exert a strong, irresistible force on

    Chapters 11&12

    1. Luminous: emitting light; full of light
    2. Myopia: nearsightedness
    3. Sniveling: to sniffle; complain or whine tearfully
    4. Quavered: trembled, or spoke in a trembling voice
    5. Parried: deflected or warded off; avoided
    6. Talisman: an object with magical power
    7. Acrid: unpleasantly sharp or bitter taste or smell
    8. Cordon: a line of people or ships stationed to guard
    9. Elephantine: the size of an elephant; enormous size/strength
    10. Epaulettes: a fringed strap worn on military uniforms