• 7th grade English/Language Arts Course Syllabus- 2018-2019


    Teacher: Mrs. Chan Hales Rm. 705 Co-Teacher: Mrs. Mary Jo Grantham (EC)

    Email: chanhales@johnston.k12.nc.us


    Curriculum content: Our language arts class is driven by the designated Johnston County units of instruction, created using the Rigorous Curriculum Design method.  Students with identified special needs, limited English proficiency, or those enrolled in an Honors class will receive a modified version of instruction, as appropriate.  Each unit includes a writing and a reading goal, with emphasis on vocabulary development and independent reading throughout. See teacher website for concepts taught in each unit. The Holt: Elements of Literature and Holt: Elements of Language textbooks will be used as well as supplementary resources.  Textbooks are available for student checkout upon request.


    Classroom discipline procedures:  Our school utilizes the Capturing Kids’ Hearts program for behavior expectations, rewards, and consequences. Students will receive the following consequences for breaking classroom and/or school rules: 1st negative choice: no phone at lunch and must sit at the no-tech table; 2nd negative choice: parent contact; 3rd negative choice: Choices visit.  Serious offenses will be handled on a case by case basis, and parents will be notified as appropriate.


    Communication: I will maintain current class information on the class website, which is accessible via the school webpage.  My class website will be updated periodically. Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom daily. I will use the Remind app as a communication tool that helps teachers reach student and parents about important information in the classroom. The best way to communicate with me is via email.   At any time a parent/guardian can schedule a face to face conference via email or phone.


    Assignments:  Assignments will be made up of the following:

    Tests/Projects/Writing  45%

    Quizzes 35%

    Classwork/Homework 20%


    Students will utilize an Interactive Notebook to organize classwork. The notebook will be divided into 3 sections, Writing, Reading and Grammar/Vocabulary



    Grades will not to be given for behavior or participation, per Johnston County Policy.  Homework given as a part of an on-going class assignment will be graded as classwork or essay/project depending on assignment.

    Retest Policy:  If a student earns a 60% or below on an assessment, he/she must remediate and reassess during Jag Time.  If a student earns a 61%-75%, he/she can remediate and reassess. The final grade will be the higher of the two assessments