• Character Education

    Character Education is a huge part of our curriculum.  We focus on character traits every month as well as supplement other important things such as How to be a Bucket Filler not a Bucket Dipper, Oh Well or Go Tell, working out problems using our words.

    August:  SELF-RESPECT ~ Doing your best in all situations.

    September: RESPECT ~ Understanding that all people have value 

    October: PERSEVERANCE ~ Working hard and not giving up

    November: RESPONSIBILITY ~ Being Accountable for your own actions

    December: COMPASSION ~ Treating others as you would like to be        

    January: DEPENDABILITY ~ Keeping your promises

    February: FAIRNESS ~ Treating all people equally

    March: INTEGRITY ~ Being honest in all things

    April: COURAGE ~ Doing the right thing even when others do not

    May: HONESTY ~ Being truthful in words and actions

    June: LOYALTY ~ Standing up for friends, family, and country