•   Kindergarten--Micro 2019-20

    Nice quality Headphones (No earbuds)

    3 Boxes of 24 Crayola Crayons

    2 pack of Glue sticks

    2 Marbled Composition Notebooks (no spiral)

    1 zipper pencil pouch with 3 holes

    1 inch WHITE 3 ring binder with clear sleeve on front

    1 pack of 10 or more Clear Plastic Sheet Protectors

    1 plastic folder with 3 holes with NO prongs

    Any size zip loc bags

    1 pack of copy paper

     1 box kleenex Tissue- Any Brand


    Optional Supplies and Teacher Wish List Items

    Clear Plastic Sheet Protectors

    Colored pencils, Baby Wipes

    Colored or Plain Cardstock paper

    1 Pack of Copy Paper

    Large Bottle Hand Sanitizer

    Note Cards, Paper Towels

    Extra Snacks, Playdough

    Extra 1 inch binders

    Extra kleenex tissue (Any Brand)

    Dry Erase Markers  

    1 pack of water color paint