Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations and Procedures

  • Classroom Expectations

    Students are expected to cooperate with teacher(s) and other students to create a classroom environment for learning and success.

    Students are expected to be respectful towards one another and to the teacher(s).

    Students are expected to follow the Eagle Code to the best of their ability.

    Students are expected to show good behavior at all times.

    Students are expected to follow all classroom expectations listed inside the classroom.


    Classroom Prcedures

    1)  Entering the classroom prepared to learn.

    • Students should have a pencil, paper and supplies to complete their in-class assignments.
    • If homework is assigned, students should have their work the next day.
    • Students should enter the classroom quietly and in an orderly fashion.

    2)  Students should complete bell ringers and/or wait for instructions from teacher without being a distraction

    • Each day students will have the first 3-5 minutes to complete bell ringers, which consist of previous learnt topics and/or an introduction to new scientific concepts/processes.
    • Each student will need to be very attentative during this part of the daily lesson.

    3)  Students are expected to stay in their assigned seat.  They should not move to another seat without teacher approval.

    • When students stay in their assigned seat, it assist with in sustaining a classroom environment for cooperative learning.

    4)  Students are expected to obtain a pass before going to the bathroom.  

    • Bathroom privileges will not be abused, such as: expecting bathroom visits each day or multiple times during the week.  It is important for students to focus on school work and not miss valuable time in the classroom. 

    5)   Students are expected to stay on task and listen to the teacher at all times.

    • Students are to raise their hands when they have questions.
    • Students are to be respectful and listen to others when they have a question.
    • If the teacher is talking, there should be no talking, just listening.

    6)  At the end of the Block (Last 3 minutes):

    • Students should pack up their belongings (supplies)
    • Students should clean off their desk.
    • Students pick up any pencils, paper or trash around their desk.
    • Students should remain in their assigned seats until the bell rings.