Classroom Information

    • School Times: Students can enter the building at 8:20, tardy bell is 8:50, dismissal is 3:40
    • Communication: You can send a note in your child’s daily folder, call the school and leave me a message (919-359-6300), or send me an e-mail (
      • Please remember to send in notes for transportation changes and student absences
    • Food: Lunch is 10:35-11:05 daily. Please send lunch money in a labeled envelope or pay for lunch online at
      • Snack- 2:50 daily. Please send snack in a separate bag than your child’s lunch
    • Enhancements: Students go to 7 different enhancement classes (art, music, PE, media, technology, REACH, STEM). See the enhancement schedule on the monthly calendar in your child’s daily folder to know which enhancement they will go to each day.
    • Volunteering: If you would like to volunteer to help in the classroom or chaperone field trips this year you must first register with the county online and become an approved volunteer. Please go to to complete this process.
    • PTA: Please join!! They provide our school and classrooms with so much!
    • Change of clothes: Please keep a change of clothes (including undergarments) in a large Ziploc bag in your child’s book bag. Accidents can happen at any time! Please make sure to keep the clothes seasonal!

Classroom Management

  • -Students begin each week with 10 new coins.

    -Students earn coins throughout the week for: nice neat work, working quietly, following directions, helping others ect.

    -Students can also loose coins throughout the week for: hands on others, voice level, getting out of area, being off task ect.

    -On Fridays (or the last day of the week) students can spend their coins to buy things from the treasure box (or save their coins to go towards a bigger prize the next week). There are 3 different treasure box sizes: 10 coins, 20 coins, 30 coins. In order to make this successful we need you to help keep the treasure boxes stocked!