• Chapters 1-4

    Gestapo, avocation, incandescent, thrombosis, analyze, paranoia, mortified

    1. Compare and contrast John and Lorraine.
    2. What was a “telephone marathon”?
    3. Who are Dennis and Norton?
    4. How did Lorraine and John first encounter Mr. Pignati?
    5. What was odd about their phone conversation with Mr. Pignati?
    6. Why did Lorraine and John go to Mr. Pignati’s house?

    Chapters 5-6

    Amoebae, prevarications, compensation, schizophrenic, subsidize, dismember, antagonistic

    1. Why did John lie to Dennis and Norton about the phone call to Mr. Pignati?
    2. Describe Mr. Pignati.
    3. What did Mr. Pignati do to lengthen Lorraine and John’s first visit? Why?
    4. Why did Lorraine and John call Mr. Pignati The Pigman?
    5. Contrast Lorraine and John’s attitudes towards taking Mr. Pignati’s $10.
    6. Lorraine says her mother has a “real hang-up about men and boys.” What does her mother constantly tell her?
    7. What kind of a person is Lorraine’s mother?
    8. Who is the Bore?
    9. What “omens” did Lorraine encounter at the zoo?
    10. Who is Bobo?
    11. What got Bobo, two chimps, and the gorilla all worked up into a tizzy?

    Chapters 7-9

    Voluptuous, hemoglobin, ingrate, oscilloscope, artillery, berserk, deliberately

    1. Why do the kids go to Masterson’s Tomb?
    2. Why does John say he thinks he is really looking for a ghost?
    3. How does John’s father want him to spend his spare time?
    4. Why does John’s father say, “Thank God Kenneth isn’t a lunatic”?
    5. What do we learn about John’s father when he says, “Be yourself! Be individualistic!”
    6. What did John find out about Conchetta?
    7. What does Mr. Pignati buy for Lorraine and John?
    8. Why does Norton threaten to go to Mr. Pignati’s house?
    9. Why did John “know” he would kill Norton if he hurt Mr. Pignati?

    Chapters 10-12

    Fixated, mulled, predicament, mundane, congealed, maladjusted, intimate

    1. What lies had Lorraine been telling her mother?
    2. How do we know Lorraine’s mother is suspicious? How does Lorraine keep getting away with her lies?
    3. Why was Mr. Pignati so sad that Sunday night in January?
    4. Why did John and Lorraine confess that they were not charity workers?
    5. What confession did Mr. Pignati make?
    6. Why were Mr. Pignati, Lorraine, and John skating in the house?
    7. What happened to Mr. Pignati?
    8. John and Lorraine tell the police that they are Pignati’s children. Why?
    9. Mr Pignati told the kids to take care of what two things until he returned?
    10. What happened to John and Lorraine’s relationship in the period following Mr. Pignati’s heart attack?
    11. What did Lorraine’s nightmare foreshadow?
    12. What was John’s idea for Friday night (the night before Pigman would be home)?

    Chapters 13-15

    Incongruous, adjusting, exaggerated, relapses, proficiency, gestured, ritual

    1. Describe the party.
    2. What happened when Norton arrived?
    3. Who came in just before John passed out?
    4. How did Lorraine’s mother react when she found out about Lorraine’s escapades?
    5. How did John’s parents react when they found out about his escapades?
    6. Why did the kids want to take Mr. Pignati to the zoo?
    7. What happened when they got to the zoo?
    8. Why did Lorraine and John leave the Pigman?