• Remind Code for blocks 1 and 2 (Math 1):     Text @musicmath1 to 81010

    Google Classroom Code for Math 1:  2jp05ck  (That is a zero, not the letter "o".)



    Retake Policy (Only applies to Major Assessments)


    All HW for the unit must be fully completed

    All problems that were incorrect must be corrected on a separate sheet of paper with work and an explanation as to why you got it incorrect.

    Must meet with one of the math teachers to review your corrections.

    You must complete the retake by the next unit assessment.

    Your retake grade will replace your first assessment score. 

    Each assessment can only be retaken once.

    Retakes will not be completed during class time! 



    Common Core Math Eight (CCM8) and Math 1 Syllabus


    Welcome to another school year. I am excited about getting to know you and look forward to a happy and very productive school year. Below are various classroom procedures and expectations from me for this year.


    Classroom Expectations

                    *Respect self, others, and property                            *Respect the educational process

                    *Bring all necessary materials to class.                      *Actively listen to and follow directions

                    *Be in your seat and ready to work                            *Uphold all classroom procedures and all other school rules

                    *Be recognized before speaking.                                *Do not touch other people's personal property


    Students may only write in pencil (unless checking work) in this course. Red pen will be used to check homework and box your final answers.


    Homework Assignments: Homework will be given nightly and students are expected to complete all assignments on time. As a reward for good habits, homework will count as extra credit toward the test for that unit. Students can earn up to 5 points per test. Extra credit will not be counted on any reatakes.  Retake policy can be found on my classroom website.


    Absences: If you are absent from class for any reason it is YOUR responsibility to obtain: 1) a copy of the notes from the day(s) you missed, and 2) the assignments and their due dates.  If you are absent on the due date for an assignment, you must submit the assignment upon returning to school.  


    Copying or cheating will not be tolerated.  This will result in an automatic letter or phone call home as well as a zero for the assignment/assessment.  Do your own work! If you allow others to copy off of your work you will receive the same consequences.


    Grade Distribution

                     Major (Tests) 70%                                                                                                          Most Quizzes will be unannounced 

                     Minor (Quizzes) 30%                                                                                                                      (“pop quizzes”)

    Materials List

    1 ½” or 2” three ring binder with pockets 

    (Must Have)

    Graph Paper, Index Cards

    Spiral Notebooks or composition notebook–  (4 small-one per quarter, or 2 med-one per semester )

    Pencil pouch

    Lots of Pencils 

    Lots of Loose leaf notebook paper

    RED Pens

    TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator (Optional - but a GREAT investment)


    I will communicate through REMIND almost daily. 

    Blocks 1 and 2, text @musicmath1 to 81010               

    Blocks 4 and 5, text @music-math to 81010


    Google Classroom Codes are as follows:

    Blocks 1 & 2  2jp05ck                   

    Blocks 4 & 5  inv8vgf              

    All Students (videos for all topics)   ruoog5


    Workbooks: Workbooks are $10.00 each to replace.




    Mr. McAven (room 805) - Monday - Friday starting at 7:00 until 7:35

    Mr. Stevens (room 804) - Monday - Friday starting at 7:00 until 7:35

    Mrs. Music (room 823) - Wednesday from 3:15 - 3:50

    Mrs. Dillon (room 819) - Thursday from 3:15 - 3:50


    My email: wendymusic@johnston.k12.nc.us Team Newsletter: http://bit.ly/hedgehogteam 

    My website: https://www.johnston.k12.nc.us/Domain/8087