Application for B&A School Program

  • Before and After Care

    8/29/22- Before and After School Care are currently full. Please contact the front office to be placed on the waiting list. 

    The school will start receiving applications on August 1, 2022. 

    Please complete the attached Student Information Form and attach a registration fee of $10.00 (before or after school care) or $15.00 (before and after school care). These amounts are per child.  The registration fee will be non-refundable.  A registration fee (exact cash or check- we do not have the ability to make change) must be paid to secure your place in the program.  

    Monthly Fee for Childcare Program (Sept-May):

    BSC - $100.00

    ASC - $100.00

    Both - $200.00

    These fees shall be paid at the 1st of each month. 

    August  is $14 for either before or after school care ($28 for both)

    December is $57 for either before or after school care ($114 for both)

    Before School Care drop off times are from 6:30-8:00am and After School Care pick up times are from 4:15-6:00pm.

    Parents are charged $5 late fee if the monthly rate is not paid by the 5th of each month.  

    Parents are charged $1 for every minute a student is at school past closing time (6:00pm). 

    If you have any questions, please call the school at 919.989.6039 and speak to Kristiina Long, Bookkeeper.

  • This is Board Policy for regulations of BSC/ASC Program.  

    Regulation Code: 3100-R School Based Before and After School Child Care - Regulation

    1. Costs
    • The monthly fee is based on $50 per program hour. Fees for any portion of the program less than an hour will be adjusted at the school level.
    • August and December will be prorated. No other months will be prorated.
    • If a monthly bill is not paid by the 5th school day of the month, a late fee of $5 per school day shall be added to the bill up until the 10th school day. If the bill has not been paid by the 10th day, a student may be dismissed from the before and after school child care program.
    • Annual registration fees will be $10.00 per student for before care or for after school care separately. If both services are utilized, registration fee will be $15.00 per student.
    • Each school establishes the hours of operation based on needs and the school daily schedule. Fees are for the length of the program, not the students’ participation.
    • Once a school receives the second returned check from a parent, before and after school child care fees shall be paid in cash.
    • A late fee of $1 per minute per child shall be imposed when parents pick up students after 6:00 pm. After the third late pick up, a student may be dismissed from after school care.
    • A drop in fee of $10.00 would be charged for anyone who needs either the before or after school care services sporadically; that is a $10.00 drop in fee for before school care and a $10.00 fee for after school care.
    • There is not a discount for parents of more than one child in the program.
    • Staff members utilizing the service will pay the same rate as other parents.
    • Students with three discipline issues during before and / or after school care will be removed from the program. The fee for the month of the removal will be prorated based on the number of days of actual attendance.
    1. Program Operation
    • A ratio of one adult to every 20 students will be provided for supervision. Lower adult to student ratio is at the discretion of the individual schools’ Principal.
    • Specific services provided in the programs are left to the discretion of the individual schools and how they choose to use the funds.
    • When the school system is on a delay, the school's before school care should observe the delay. For instance, if the before school care begins at 7:30 am and the school system is delayed two hours, before school care should begin at 9:30 am.
    • When the school system closes early due to a school emergency or weather event, there will be no after school child care.
    • When the school system cancels all after school activities, after school daycare programs should close at 5:30.
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