• How to contact Mrs. Gorman: abrialgorman@johnston.k12.nc.us or call 919.359.2769 ext. 4715

    Why is my child failing P.E.?  If your child's grade is suffering it is most likely because he/she is not participating in class on a regular basis. 


    Deodorant should be worn everyday


    My child is afraid to dress out in the locker room, what should I do?  

        -If your child is apprehensive about getting dressed in the locker room, encourage him/her to wear an undershirt/cami under their school shirt as well as spandex shorts under their pants/shorts/dresses so when changing out only the top layer has to be removed.  Students can also wear their PE clothes to school each day. 


    Parent Reminders:

    -Please remind your student about the importance of being prepared for class everyday (clothes for P.E. and pencil/paper for health)

    -Please make sure your child's clothing meets dress code and follows the P.E department's standards listed on the "items needed for class each day" page

    -Please make sure your child eats breakfast every morning especially if he/she has P.E. 2nd or 3rd block. Kids tend to get lightheaded and nauseous when they try to exercise on an empty stomach.

     Ideas to get kids moving