6th Grade AVID Standards:

  • Character Development 6-CD

    A. Self-Awareness - Develop self awareness. Complete self evaluations of personal behavior and interactions

    B. Goals - Understand and monitor GPA, set goals (SMART goals),

    C. Community and School Involvement - Identify various opportunities to become involved in and contribute to the school/community

    Communication 6-COMM

    A. Speaking - Develop public speaking skills including vocabulary, non verbal and verbal communication.

    Writing 6-WRI

    A. Writing - Complete the writing process

    B. Writing Skills - Apply strategies to build vocabulary, use proper grammar

    C. Writing Applications -  Develop and strengthen writing through the creation of a narrative essay and an expository essay

    D. Writing to Learn -  Write summaries which include only the most important information and Reflect on learning from all content areas

    Inquiry 6-INQ

    A. Costa's Levels of Thinking -  Develop an awareness of Costa’s Levels of Thinking and/or Bloom’s Taxonomy

    B. Tutorials - Establish a foundational understanding for collaborative tutorial skills Participate in academic tutorials with peers.

    C. Socratic Seminar and Philosophical Chairs -  Introduce the basic components of Philosophical Chairs and Socratic Seminars.  Compare and contrast topics using Socratic Seminar and/or Philosphical Chairs. Integrate information duing Socratic Seminar or Philosophical Chair discussion

    Collaboration 6-COLL

    A. Team building - Learn about valuing and effectively working with others by follow established rules for engaging in collaborative activities including discussions ( one to one , in groups) with diverse partners