Sales and Solicitations

  • Sales or solicitations sponsored by parents, organizations, booster clubs, etc., which are held outside the school and do not involve students in direct sales, do not require Board of Education approval. Revenues received by the school from such projects are considered gifts and neither the school nor the Board of Education accepts responsibility for any liability connected with the project. In such cases, the entire project must be handled by the sponsoring organization.

    Projects jointly sponsored by an organization and the school must meet all requirements of the Board of Education for school sponsored projects.

    Student and Faculty Involvement in Sales (Grades 9-12)

    Every fundraising project involving sales by students in grades 9 through 12 to persons outside the school shall be approved by the Superintendent prior to any commitments on the part of school personnel. Such projects do not require approval of the Board of Education.

    No instructional time may be used for the purpose of sales to the public and no student may be excused from school for the purpose of participating in a sale or solicitation.

    The Deputy Superintendent will consider approval when the request is made on the official forms provided by the Deputy Superintendent and when required supporting data is included.

    The data must include:

    1. The product to be sold and a copy of the proposed contract with the vendor.
    2. The inclusive dates of the sales. All activities must be concluded within ten days after the final day of sales.
    3. The sponsoring club or group within the school that plans to conduct the sale.
    4. The specific purposes for which the funds are to be used, the estimated amount required for those purposes, and the amount estimated to be raised through the sale.
    5. The number of students to be involved in the sales.
    6. The teachers or administrators who will be responsible for the sales project.

    Money raising activities of students and teachers in the school shall be limited to purposes that have recognized educational value, and such activities shall not be used as the primary means of providing equipment, materials, and services that are ordinarily financed by Capital Outlay and/or maintenance and operation funds.

    Student and Faculty Involvement in Sales (Grades K-8)

    The effective school program shall safeguard the total development and the well-being of pupils by prohibiting student participation in fundraising activities in which they would be selling items or soliciting contributions, pledges, or orders.

    Schools and school-related organizations such as the PTA may conduct fundraising activities if students are not involved in selling or soliciting. The above restrictions do not prevent parents from ordering school pictures.

    Accounting for Funds Received Through Sales and Solicitations

    The Johnston County Board of Education shall require a final report from the faculty or administrator sponsor and approved by the principal at the conclusion of each sale or project. Such report shall include an accounting of all receipts and disbursements, and the disposition of items not sold. Forms for this final report will be provided by the Deputy Superintendent.

    All disbursements shall be by check, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and subject to audit by the Johnston County Board of Education.

    Agents and Sales Representatives

    Agents and sales representatives are not permitted to solicit any school employee (except school principal) or student during the school day.

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