Salary and Benefits Information

  • Salary

    All licensed staff members are paid on state adopted salary schedules based on type of license, years of experience, and degree held. You can view these salary schedules on the Public Schools of North Carolina web site

    In addition, licensed employees in teaching positions receive a local salary supplement based on years of experience as documented on their educator's license.

    Teacher Salary Supplement
    Years Percent
    0-8 years 10.5%
    9-16 years 11.5%
    17-24 years 12.5%
    25+ years 13.5%

    New Employee Loan

    All newly hired teachers may request a salary advancement in the amount of $1,000 or $2,000. This loan is interest free. Repayment is made through a salary draft of $100 or $200 per month depending on which amount is selected.


    For information concerning a variety of employment benefits, click on the links below.



    Information on the Teachers and State Employees Retirement System can be found on the state website.

    For detailed information about the retirement process and benefit options please view the Retire Planning Seminar video or contact Rick Johnson.

    Employee Assistance Program

    BHS is a national Employee Assistance and Workplace Wellness Provider with over 30 years experience improving the health of employees and their family members.  BHS specializes in providing high-quality counseling, work-life balance and crisis support services to meet the demands of today's challenges.  These services are available 24/7 and are free and confidential to all employees and members of their household.  You can contact BHS anytime by calling 800-327-2251.

    BHS also has resources online available to our Johnston County Public School Employees.  Log into  Access online resources by choosing MY BHS PORTAL.  The username will be jcps.

    If you have any questions about this service, contact the Human Resources department of Johnston County Public Schools at 919-934-6031.

    Health Insurance

    To enroll in the State Health Plan, you must log into Additional information on the State Health Plan can be found on the plan website.

    Flexible Benefits

    A Flexible Benefits Plan allows employees to select various employee benefits to match their specific needs. Johnston County Public Schools offers the following Flexible Benefits to all employees who work 30 hours or more and who meet policy eligibility requirements.

     • Dental  • Life Insurance  • Cancer
     • Vision  • Critical Illness  • Accident
     • Disabilty  • Flexible Spending Account  • Flexible Dependent Care

    Information on these Flexible Benefits can be found at