• 2019-2020 Art Club:
    Art Club is Monday Mornings this school year on a Rotation between two Art Clubs: A and B (Each club has specific dates...please mark your calendars!)  Your student has a list of dates.

    Reminder Art Club Families:
    Please drop off your student at 7:55am on YOUR Monday Morning for Art Club.  Coming in sooner than 7:55am can result in a $10 fee for before school care.

    Your Art Club Student should have a list of the dates they will attend art club for the Year.  Those dates do not change.  We do NOT make up missed meetings due to inclement weather or any other circumstances that causes a missed meeting.  Also, if there are Days where students have to "make up" missed school days on a Monday...No one has Art Club on those days.  The original Dates do not change.

    Drop off location: *FRONT Car Pool* 


      Thank you,

    Mrs. Radulescu

Art club