Welcome Back! The school year is just past the halfway point and cannot believe how is fast it has gone. Pretty soon we'll be saying goodbye to another school year. The snow set us a back a couple days but our classes are really excited for some great new activities.

Our grades 3-5 have just started a racquet sport unit. Here, the students are playing tennis, volleyball, ping pong and badminton in different groups. They do 2 activities per class and then switch to the other 2 the next class. So far, it has worked pretty well with a tweak or two here and there. The K-2 classes are doing center with the nets up as well. They are playing throw and catch volleyball and balloon volleyball. The kindergartens are also learning the basics of jumping rope as well.

In the very near future with the Sochi Winter Oympics game coming, all  classes will participate in our own winter games. Here, the students will enter the gym with the olympic torch and participate in games that will resemble the real winter olympic sports. They will also be familiar with other countries flags displayed in the gym along with hearing other countries' national anthems.

We are also starting during this time our annual Jump Rope for Heart campaign. All of our students will have a chance to be Heart Hero and help save a life. We hope that you will support your child's effort and help them along the way. So you see, it is a very busy time here in physical education class.

If there is anything we can do to help your child or have any concerns please do not hesitiate to contact me here at school Thank You

Frank Potochney