Amanda Pardue

The North Carolina Ready End of Grade tests (EOG's) will be here before we know it and we need your help! Please read carefully the following information to ensure your child is present at school on these critical testing days. Also, we are always encouraging volunteers to help us proctor for the North Carolina Ready End of Grade tests!

As the end of the 2013-2014 school year approaches, we would like to supply you with some extremely important testing dates.  We are asking you put these dates on your calendar and that you commit to do everything in your power to ensure that your student is present on all testing days.  This is especially important to your child’s success in light of research that suggests that students who test with their peers tend to score significantly higher than when make-up tests are administered.  It is also especially crucial this year as state law has changed to mandate that all state testing take place within the last ten days of school. This provides a very narrow window for testing and an even more narrow window for make-up testing.

June 2EOG English/Language Arts/Math

June 3EOG English/Language Arts/Math

June 4Science EOG and Science Final Exams

June 5Social Studies Final Exams

June 6Math I EOC

Again, please mark your calendars and commit to these very important dates.  In addition to making certain that your child is present on those days, there are other tips that have proven to increase success on standardized tests.  Getting plenty of rest-not just the night before a test but for several consecutive days prior to the test is helpful as is eating a healthy breakfast each morning.  Please encourage your child to prepare to do his/her best beforehand and try not to stress on the day of the test.  High levels of stress tend to decrease a student’s ability to demonstrate what they know on test days.

Thank you for working with us to ensure your child’s success at Cleveland Middle School.  

To 8th grade parents: Please view the link below to find out more information regarding the Explore test your 8th grader completed in October. 
Please view my document manager to view documents regarding new curriculum changes to JCS schools, as well as across the state. 
Congratulations to those students who qualified for the DukeTip program. For more information, please visit
As one of the counselors here at Cleveland Middle Schools, I have many roles. If your student should need school related counseling services,  please feel free to call or email me regarding your student(s). I look forward to a fantastic school year with your child!