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 What are we learning in the TechLab? 

Kindergarten: Comparing fiction and nonfiction resources about winter weather and snow. Sorting and classifying winter objects.

1st Grade: Using multimedia resources to gather information by reading "About Cold Weather," "Ice, Hail, & Sleet," "Snow," or "Snowflakes" ebooks. Students will record information found from one of the four books. 

2nd Grade: using digital multimedia reference tools: Participate in shared research and writing projects (e.g., read a number of books on a single topic to produce a report by accessing "The Story of Snow" on the Tumble Books electronic library. Then students will create a symmetrical digital snowflake.

3rd Grade: Determining appropriate digital resources and comparing fiction and non-fiction resources with "Antarctic Antics" and "Antarctica" ebooks. Students will complete an exit ticket on the Smartboard about one fact about the Arctic region.

4th Grade: Using digital tools to find, record, and present information about Arctic Animals. Students will work with a partner to complete the compare and contrast teacher created template to compare two arctic animals based on research completed by locating information from the "Arctic Animals" link on the Techlab homepage. 

5th Grade: Understand issues related to the safe, ethical, and responsible use of technology. Introduction to Google, gmail, and Google Drive tools. 

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