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Book Wishlist

Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg

Art by Patrick McDonnell

Pattern Fish by Trudy Harris

The Coloring Book by Herve Tullet


Packs of Copy Paper

Plastic Shoebox Containers--for Storage

Hand Soap

Ziploc bags (all sizes)

Sanitizing wipes (Lysol)


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Classroom Rules

1.  Listen and follow directions.

  2.  Be prepared and ready to participate.

3.  Always use materials and equipment safely and properly.

4.  Respect yourself and others.

5.  Work hard and do your best.

6.  Leave your area clean.



Displayed artwork is up throughout the year.


Individuals will be given one warning.  Second warning-TIME OUT. (This may require a note home depending on the reason for time out.  If students receive note home, I expect it brought back signed.)  Third warning-A note will be sent home to be returned signed. Fourth warning-An office referral and note home. 

Classes will lose pawprints if spoken to more than once for too much talking or not being on task.  Classes can lose and gain pawprints throughout the classes.  They may earn five at the end of each nine weeks.

Grading Scale

S   Satifactory: Meets Expectations.

N   Needs Improvement:  Inconsistently Meets Expectations.

U   Not Yet Meeting Expectations 

All projects are reviewed based on a rubric.  This grading rubric addresses 5 areas that is used to help determine whether or not the student understands the concepts introduced in that lesson.  These criteria are; developing skills at grade level, understanding and applying the art concepts, general participation, use and treatment of materials, and finally behavior. 

SchoolCenter Picture 

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