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2/4/13: Report cards went home today. 

1/14/14: Progress Reports went home today. The grade on this progress report

will reflected as the grade in science for the 2nd quarter.

Dec20/13: Click on link below for test on Conservation of Resources.

Science Test on Chapter 16; Science Hw: 683-  684 - 1 through 23 all

Resources posted under chemical reactions on google website.

 12/3/13- Progress Reports went home today.

11/15/13- Classwork posted under Introduction to Atoms-

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11/4/13- Science Test on Atom and periodic Table tomorrow. It is section 1 and 2 in chapter 15. All handouts are uploaded in my google website under Introduction to Atoms.

10/30/13- Homework on Periodic Table due tomorrow.

Handout can be found on my google website- under Introduction to Atoms.

10/10/13: Labs due tomorrow. For more information click on resources above and click on Solids, Liquids and Gases  on my website on Google.

10/9/13: Warm Ups

10/7/13- Chapter Test on Matter.

9/21/13: Hello Parents and Students

Currently we are learning about matter. So when you access my resources, please click on Unit on Matter.

9/30/13- We finished the lab on density and the lab on conservation of mass. Fourth block students completed only the lab on density.

Hello Parents and Students,

8/26/13 : Please remember to sign my policy letter and the safety contract.