Welcome to Mrs. Atkinson's Class






  Reading:  Please make sure that your child reads each night. In order for your child to make the growth they need to go to second grade they have to move up each nine weeks by reaching a certain level. The only way we are going to achieve this goal is to let them read to you each night. I send home a book each week that is on your child's level. They need to read that book to you each night and answer the questions that I send home with the book.This will help with their fluency and comprehension. Both of these areas must be mastered in  order for your chlid to move up to the levels needed to go to second grade. The question sheets are due on Friday. I am also sending home a fluency sheet each week. This is needed because when we assess your child they have one minute to read a selection and due a retell of what they have read. The problem isn't that your child cannot read the passage it is that they cannot read fast enough. They must be able to read at least 40 to 50 percent of the passsage. This is going to require team work. I will practice with them at school and I need your help at home. Remember they must be able to tell you about what they have read.


This week we will cover the story  Alexander, Who's Not Going to Move.We will focus on character , setting, and conflict/solution.We will aslo work on words that describe emotions. The robust voc. for this week is unthinkable, reassure, pouted, and familiar.






In Math:  This week we are learning to add and subtract with two digit numbers. Adding and subtracting 10 from a two digit number.  I will also review fact families, greatest to least. We will also continue to work on word problems.



In Writing: we will continue to practice writing complete sentneces using the correct capitalization and puncuation. Developing paragrahs with details that relate to the topic.


In Science - we will.explore the phases of the moon