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Happy New Year!
We welcome 2014 in with a bang. 
Things we will be doing in January.  We will be testing your child's reading progress with the mClass program on the IPad.  This will take about 2 weeks to get everyone tested.  Students should be reading about a level G to H by the end of January.  Your child will be required to orally read at 90 percent effecient, answer 2 written questions, and answer oral questions from their book.
Please remember to listen to your child read each night and encourage them to use these strategies: Make beginning sound out loud, look at picture for clues, read ahead and skip word, then go back and try again by guessing. Then, ask them, does that make sense?  Have your child read the questions at the back of their book and answer orally with you.  Then, each week choose one question from their reading response sheet, practice reading that question every night and then orally discuss how they should answer it.  Last, have them write the answer to that question for their homework written piece.  This is due each Friday.  If we practice this at school each week, and you practice this with them at home you will see a big improvement in their skills. 



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We can always use: 

Lead size:  0.7 for mechanical pencils

Washable stamp pads-any color