There will be no Evening Academy on Wednesday 3/19.  Please plan accordingly.  Sorry for any inconvienience. 

SJHS Evening Academy

Open and Ready to help!

What is Evening Academy?

Evening Academy is an after school program that helps students be successful in high school.

What can Evening Academy be used for?

1. Credit Recovery

2. Attendance Make-Up

3. Tutoring, Junior paper and Senior project assistance 

What are the Evening Academy Hours?

Every Monday through Thursday from 2:30 to 4:30 in room 4216.

Tutoring is offered everyday for every class, but Mondays and Wednesdays are better for Math/Science and Tuesdays and Thursdays are better for English/History. 

What is credit recovery?

If a student fails a course, they do not get credit for that course.  Credit Recovery is a way that students can recover the credit without retaking the class during the school day.  They are assigned the course in e2020 and work on the computer at their own pace.  Credit Recovery is a pass/fail system adn therefore can not be used to make a studnts GPA go up, only give them credit for the course they failed.

What are the benefits of Evening Academy?

Evening academy is offered afterschool and is completely FREE.  Recovering credit during Evening Academy could be faster than retaking the entire course during the school day.  It is based on work completion rather than seat time.  So a hard working student can finish a course faster online, than takign the course face-to-face with a teacher. 

Is transportation provided?

Unfortunately, transportation is not provided and parents/guardians need to arrange for their child to be picked up from the front of the school at 4:30. 

Courses Offered at Evening Academy:

Essentials of English
English I
English II (as long as passed EOC)
English III (as long as passed Junior Paper)
English IV(as long as passed senior project)
Math 1 (as long as passed EOC)
Math 1A and Math 1B
Math 2, 2A and 2B
Algebra 2
Advanced Functions and Modeling
World History
US Government
Physical Science
Biology (as long as passed EOC)
ACT prep
SAT prep 

Virtual Public High School (New Credit or EOC *new* Courses)

**Special permission from counselor/administration-student is encouraged to speak to their counselor for more information and to see if they have what it takes to be an "on-line learner"**

Who should we contact?

Jessica Soares (Math) -

Shelly Cook (English) -

Chris Aycock (Math) -

We hope this opportunity will be beneficial to you in helping guide students in the best direction.