Apr 25, 2014

Cleveland Athletics 

Athletic Director: Jason Morris


***The softball game scheduled for today 4/9 has been cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date.***


**Congrats to our 2013 Boys Basketball team on their Johnston County American Conference Championship season. 

 **Congrats to our 2013 Football team on their Johnston County American Conference Championship season.

 **Congrats to our 2013 Volleyball team on their Johnston County American Conference Championship season.


All athletes must have a current physical and a concussion letter on file at Cleveland Middle .

Click here for Concussion form 

Click here for Physical form

Baseline Concussion Testing Information

There is a $30 charge for testing because impact baselines are not billable to insurance yet.

Test takes approx. 45 min.
 Parent(s)/Guardian(s)Orthopaedic Specialists of North Carolina is offering the ImPACT Test (baseline concussion testing). Testing will take place at Orthopaedic Specialists of NC at our Wakefield office (11200 Governor Manly Way, Suite 309, Raleigh). Our office is on the third floor of the Rex Building. Please try to arrive about 10 minutes early. We ask that all test-takers use the restroom (if necessary) before beginning the test, and that they leave all electronic devices with their parents, or at least turn them completely off.It is estimated that the entire session (test introduction and test completion) should take approximately one hour.The night before the test please have your child get a good night’s sleep, and participate in minimal physical activities. DO NOT allow any physical activities the morning of testing. Additionally, please have the tester eat a “normal” breakfast, and discuss with/ tell them the name of any medications they may be taking, their height/ weight, and the approximate date of any concussions/ head injuries they may have previously sustained. We suggest you write this information down for them so they can have it with them during testing. -- This information is only for the sake of being able to answer some of the demographic questions involved in the ImPACT test and will not affect their overall score or eligibility for the test (unless they have a current concussion).Please feel free to contact us or take a look at ImPACT’s website with any questions/ concerns you may have. You may also find information about Dr. Chad Greer (our Primary Care/ Sports Medicine Physician) and our Concussion Clinic on our website. FYI – Dr. Greer recently interviewed with News 14, and Dr. Galland’s with NBC 17 about Concussions. To see either of these newsclips please click the links…. Or if you’d prefer you can read their article in Circa Magazine. Jen Hall LAT/ATCHead Athletic TrainerOrthopaedic Specialists of NC11200 Governor Manly Way, Suite 309Raleigh, NC 27614Orthonc.com(919)562-9410 x421 officeJHall@orthonc.com




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