Johnston County Schools

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Technology resources in the Johnston County School System, which include computing and telecommunicating equipment, file servers, computer networks, information systems, other computing and telecommunicating resources, and other equipment such as scanners, digital cameras, video projectors, and video cameras, and the Internet, are viewed as instructional tools for learning.  Policies and procedures outlined in the Code of Student Conduct also apply to the use of all technology resources at school.  Using technology resources includes using a single computer, a computer on a local area network, a computer on the wide area network, or a computer to access the Internet.  This set of guidelines is intended to assist users in following established practices and procedures to use technology resources in a responsible and productive manner.


Expectations: Any student who is a user of the school system provided technology resources is expected to use the resources for educational purposes only.  Any use of the school system provided technology resources and the Internet should always reflect academic honesty, high ethical standards, and moral responsibility.


Students must promise to follow these rules in order to use technology and technology related resources in the school system.


  1. I will use technology to learn about or complete assignments.

2.   I will use the Internet only with adult supervision, my teachers, the media coordinator, or the technology teacher.

3.   I will only look for information on the Internet that is school-related.

4.   I will abide by the Code of Student Conduct while using the Internet at school.

5.   I will use good manners when using technology.  This includes:

a) Being polite when writing messages.

b) Not giving any name, address, and phone number, my school's name, address and phone number, or the names, addresses, and phone numbers of others.

c) Not wasting time and resources.

d) Not using the Internet to buy or sell things.

e) Using only my own password when logging onto the Internet.

f)   Reading only electronic messages that are sent to me.

6.   I will not copy words or pictures from the Internet without permission.

7.   I will lose my technology privileges and there may be other consequences if I fail to follow these rules.

8.   I will be responsible for all I do while using technology at school.

9.   I will tell an adult if I see another student breaking the rules.