Apr 23, 2014

2011-2012 YEARBOOK

Reserve your copy of the

2011-2012 YEARBOOK!

To order:

www.yearbookordercenter.com OR 1-866-287-3096

USE ORDER # 10598

Money will NOT be collected at school for yearbooks.  Orders must be placed directly.


8th grade - go online to design and purchase an 8th grade Ad!

quarter page ad = $35 (large enough for two photos and a short message)

eighth page ad = $20 (large enough for one photo and a short message)


Do you like to take pictures of school events?

By following these steps your pictures can be in our yearbook:

1.  Go to www.hjeshare.com (Bookmark it so you can use it often!)
2.  Put in our school code = 9049300
3.  Upload your pictures (We may use them in our yearbook for 2010-2011)