Our Kindergarten World


Hello!  My name is Echo!  I'm going to help your little one learn their letters through a program called Fundations.  This letter program will follow your little to first grade.  Our primary focus will be on phonemic awareness activities, letter recognition, phonics, and studying syllable types and affixes as a part of the decoding process.  Vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension instruction are included in the program as well. 

In kindergarten, your little one will learn letter formation by "sky writing", which involves gross motor movements, before they practice writing on paper.  Letter names and sounds are learned, alphabetic principle established, and phonological awareness is emphasized.  We will practice manipulating sound cards and "tapping" sounds on our fingers to help us learn to read and write CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) words.  These skills are fundamental in our journey to learn how to read and write.

Our lessons carefully sequence skills that include print knowledge, alphabet awareness, phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, decoding, spelling, handwriting, and vocabulary development.  We practice critical thinking, speaking, and listening skills during storytime activities.  Together we will lay a great foundation that your little one can build on the remainder of their education.

Please click on the links below to see some of the charts and directions regarding letter formation. 

Fundations Picture Alphabet Chart

Fundations Writing Grid

Fundations Letter Formation Chart

Handwriting Letter Formation Guide