Daily Activities



Write a recipe for a successful school year.  Be sure to include ingredients and directions.


What has been your favorite thing about school so far this year? Draw a picture and write about it.


Look around your kitchen.  Use your utensils to make math problems.  Example: We have 17 forks, if we set the table for five people how many will we have left? Etc.


Make an effort to turn off the Television and read a book together as a family


Make today game day at your house.  Spend time playing some of your families favorite games together. 


Why is today called labor day if nobody goes to work?  Look up the meaning of this holiday.


What are you eating? Read the labels on some of the foods you eat today.  Look at the ingredients, grams of fat, and sugar, etc.  Are the food you are eating healthy


Draw a map of your community.  Be sure to include your house, your school, and other places that are important to you


Create and address book for your relatives.  Include their names, phone numbers, addresses, and e-mail addresses.  Send a letter or call someone using your address book!


Make trading cards for the main characters in your favorite book.  Be sure to include a picture, their name, and why they are important! 


Go on a family picnic.  Walk around and go on a scavenger hunt.  Try to find something that starts with every letter of the alphabet.


Today is grandparent’s day.  Make something special for your grandparent’s and be sure to spend some time with them today!


Pretend you are an inventor.  What would you invent? What would it do?  How much would it cost?  Make a poster advertising your new invention. 


Tonight at dinner have a family restaurant.  Make menus, assign each item a cost, practice taking and filling orders, and counting money to pay the bill.  Hopefully nobody will be left doing the dishes!


Take a walk in nature today.  Use the things you see to make up age appropriate math questions.  For example:  Three ants are climbing the tree, four more are on the ground.  How many altogether?  Or make a graph of different kinds of leaves.


Ahoy, matey!  Show your pirate pride by practicing talking like a pirate today! 


Eat dinner as a family tonight. Have the whole family help clean up after dinner.  Make it fun.  For example form teams and divide the tasks and have a race to see which team can finish first. 


Play pictionary or

charades with your family tonight after dinner.




This is Hispanic heritage month!  Make your own Spanish-English dictionary using common words and objects.


Today is world gratitude day.  Draw a picture or make a list of the things you are thankful for



Today is the very first day of fall! YAY!  Draw a picture that shows what fall looks like.  Use a venn-diagram to compare and contrast summer and fall


Use pictures from the summer to create a scrapbook.  Enjoy talking a walk down memory lane.


Today to a journal entry.  Write about your day.  What happened? Share your entry with your family.


Many places in the United States have names that come from the Spanish language.  How many can you name?


List all the words that you can think of that have to do with football.  Draw a picture to go with each word.


Pretend you just won $100.00 write about how you would spend your winnings



Make a book that is all about you.  Include any information that is important about you and don’t forget to draw pictures



Go on a hunt through your change jar.  What is the oldest coin you can find? The youngest?  Do any of the coins look different?  Are any from other countries?



Have a Spanish themed meal in honor of Hispanic Heritage month. Cook tacos or fajitas! Eat Spanish rice and tortillas!