Children running out of school on the last day.

The countdown to spring break  has begun, remind your students to continue their good behavior and study skills both in the school and in their classrooms. 

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..Preschool (1)
.Kindergarten Teachers (5)
1st Grade Teachers (5)
2nd Grade Teachers (4)
3rd Grade Teachers (5)
4th Grade Teachers (4)
5th Grade Teachers CLASS OF 2014 (5)
Cafeteria Staff (3)
Custodial Staff (3)
Enhancement Teachers (5)
Art, Music, PE, Media Literacy, Technology Literacy
Guidance (1)
Multi-grade and EC Teachers (6)
Office Staff (4)
Resource Teachers (3)
Specialized pull out and in class remediation.
Shared Resource Personnel (3)
Violin teacher, Nurse, Social Worker, Psychologist,Speech Teachers, Interpreters.Part-time on our campus.
Teacher Assistants and Bus Drivers (15)
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