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Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow make up days are as follows:

February 17th, March 28th, April 21st, June 12th, June 13th and the 2 early release days...March 13th and June 11th are now full days.

The make up day for Friday, February 14th has not been announced yet.

FUN RUN will be Monday, February 17th at 2:00 in the gym for Kindergarten.

Reading Folders will not be sent home next week (February 17-21), because we were not in school on Friday for me to collect them and get them ready for the upcoming week. Monday will be too busy of a day for me to get the folders ready and out.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

All the assessing is over for now and we will be back to our regular routine.  Report cards will be coming home Thursday, January 30.  I am so pleased with all the progress that the students have been making.  They have learned a lot, and we still have more to go.

We have started using "Thinking Maps"  to help organize our thoughts and then we write with them.  We have used a "Double Bouble Map" to compare and contrast 2 snowmen. We used a "Bubble Map" to write descriptive words about a snowman.  We then used the descriptive words to write a paper that describes our snowman.  You will be seeing many different "Thinking Maps" to help your child organize their thoughts.  These will help your child even more with writing.

As the children to continue to grow as readers, it is important that we work on fluency. Not only should your child be able to read, but they should be able to read fluently.  That is why your child should practice reading the book they are assigned everynight.  You should also practice comprehension with your child.  As your child becomes a more developed reader, they will be asked to read a question and dictate or write the answer. The answer that your child gives will have to use detail from the story.

We will continue to work on word problems in math.  They will eventually begin to become harder.  (For example; Sarah has 5 buttons on her shirt.  Some are purple and some are yellow.  Show all the ways that you can have 5 buttons that are purple and yellow.)  We will continue to practice counting to 100 by ones and tens.  We will practice adding fluently to 5.  We will discuss 3D and Flat shapes.  

We are looking forward to the "Museum of Naturual Science" bringing their animal program to our class in the near future.

Thanks for all you do to help your child be successful.  Continue to praise and work with them daily.

Monday, January 6, 2014

 I hope that everyone had A Wonderful Christmas and  that you are off to A Fabulous New Year!!!

 It is hard to believe that 80 days of Kindergarten are gone.  Gone, but not forgotten, and certainly the days were not useless.  The students have learned so much in the first 80 days, but have lots, lots more to learn the next 100!!

In the middle of January we will begin assessing using mClass again.  This time the students will be reading stories and answering questions, reading “cvc” words (consonant vowel consonant words…they will definitely need to know their sounds for this), reading sight words and breaking words that I say down into all the sounds they hear (step…/s/ /t/ /e/ /p/).  We will be doing many activities in the classroom during whole group and stations to help the students.  Please continue to work with your child nightly with their reading folders, sight words and sounds.

Your child will also be doing a math assessment.  The things in this are; counting to 40, quickly answering how many dots they see on a dice, telling sets that have more, less or the same as another set, naming the 4 basic shapes and telling why it is that shape, comparing 2 shapes (how are they alike, different), and placing dots on a tens frame and extras under the tens frame and be able to say, “There are 14.  Ten and 4 ones.”  We have worked on these in class and we hope that they will do well on these assessments.

Report cards will be coming out at the end of the month.  You will find out results of the assessments then.  We will continue to work on all of the skills, literacy and math listed above, as well as new skills.

If you have any questions or concerns, email me at elainebarnes@johnston.k12.nc.us .


I look forward to an exciting and rewarding 2014 with your child!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dear Parents

Next week is Thanksgiving Break.  Since we will only be in school for 2 days.  I will not be sending home "Reading Folders".  There will not be any homework for that week.  When we return on Monday, November 25, you will receive a new homework calendar and a "Reading Folder".

We are planning a "Christmas Program" for the parents and/or grandparents for Thursday, December 19 at 12:00.  The students will sing about 6 Christmas songs for you.  Don't be surprised if they start singing them around the house in the near future.  We will sing from 12:00-12:30 and then have a small snack.  We will be finished by 1:00.  Please mark you calendars so you can attend.

I enjoyed talking with all of you about the progress that your children have made so far this year.  I am proud of each and everyone of them.

Starting next week, when your child brings a "Mystery Bag", please make sure that they can tell all of their clues.  Even if they can not read they clues, they should be able to tell what letter it begins with and what it is used for or what they do with it.  Thanks for all of your help.

Monday, September 9, 2013 

Dear Parents

This week we will be busy learning and practicing procedures of the classroom.  There are many procedures and rules that the students need to learn about the room, before we can begin the curriculum that we need to teach in Kindergarten.  Please understand if your child comes home and answers your question “What did you do in school today?” with “Nothing!”, you may need to pry a little harder.

Some of the things that we will be doing this week are: 

· Learning how to come into the room each morning and follow the “Morning Procedures” chart.  This shows where to place lunchboxes, bookbags, folders, how to sign in and choose a station.

· We will practice packing up several times a day so students will learn how to check their cubbies and make sure they didn’t leave things behind.

· We will begin “Mystery Bags”.

· Draw a person… we draw one student a day.  We learn that when we draw a person we need a head, neck, body, legs, arms, fingers, and other details.  For the students that are still drawing what we call spider people (a head, with legs and arms coming out of it) this will be hard to begin with.  For the students that may already be drawing  a person that looks like a person, we will be practicing adding details to pictures.  During this time, we will be cheering each student’s name and learning letters, as well as how to correctly write names and letters.

· We will do several art projects to practice cutting skills.  If your child has trouble staying on the lines when cutting, we will drop a note in your child’s folder and ask you to practice at home as well.

· We will begin numbers and learning about a “tens frame”.

· Remember to practice your child’s lunch number.  We will start giving out gold coins for children that have learned them. 

*****Let’s talk LUNCH and SNACK…

We have a student in our room that is very allergic to peanuts, peanut butter, tree nuts, anything that is cooked in peanut oil…etc.  We are asking that you help this child by not sending things in your child’s lunch box or snack box that contains anything made with nuts.  If your child is just crazy about peanut butter, as I am, please save it as a special thing for home during this school year.  If for some reason, you send something with nuts, please mark your child’s lunch box or snack box, which ever contains it, with a note so we can be sure to keep your child away from the other child.   We know that you would want the same consideration if your child had allergies to something.  We want to keep all of our students safe and healthy!!

Please think about what you send your child for lunch.  They only need a couple of things in their lunchbox, and these should be things that they can open.  If they can’t open lunchables, chips, yogurts, etc…please practice with them at home.  There are 21 students and if every child brings things for us to open, we run out of time for our lunch…it is our lunch time too.  We will certainly help your child if they can’t open it, but placing things in zip lock bags would be very helpful.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Mrs. Barnes at elainebarnes@johnston.k12.nc.us . When emailing, always place your child’s name as the subject so we will be sure to open it.

We look forward to working with you are your child this week, as well as the year.


Elaine Barnes & Blake Roberson

September 4, 2013


There are several ways for us to maintain communication.  Folders go home each day and include important class/school news, rules and the conduct calendar. Parents are asked to initial each date box to show that you have looked in the folder and you are aware of daily behavior.  (We will send home weekly work on Fridays.)  Folders are used for all parent and teacher notes.  Folders will be checked first thing each morning.  Any notes that you need to send to us, should be placed in the front sleeve of the folder in front of the calendar.

 A class webpage will be maintained that can be accessed through School Center.  How?...

  1. Go to http://www.johnston.k12.nc.us
  2. Click on Schools at the Top of the page
  3. Click on Riverwood Elementary
  4. Click on teachers on the top of the page
  5. Click on classrooms
  6. Click on Kindergarten
  7. Click on Elaine Barnes
  8. You might want to put this in your favorites so you don't have to go through this each time.

Please use this site to look for important upcoming events and dates.  Our newsletters will be posted on this webpage…click on “Ahoy There…Here’s the News”.

My email address is on this page, so feel free to email.  I try to check my emails twice a day.  I will only open your email if you have your child’s name as the subject.  We don’t want our computers to get any viruses, so we have to be careful what we open.


Students may arrive at school starting at 8:25.  The tardy bell rings at 8:50.  If students are not in the classroom by 8:50, parents will need to walk their child into the office and sign him/her in.  If you do not check your child in, the office will not know to make corrections to the attendance and your child will be counted absent.



Dismissal time is 3:40.  Please make sure we know how your child goes home.  If your child is to go home a different other than how you signed up at the beginning of school, you will need to send a note.  We will not let your child go home a different way by "word of mouth".


If your child is absent, please send a note on the day he/she returns to explain the absence(s). Remember all notes are to go in the front sleeve of the daily folder. This note will be sent to the office, so any other communication for that day should be written on another note.


We are not allowed to take up your child’s lunch money.  You will place your child’s money in a school provided envelope and put it in the front sleeve of the daily folder.  We will send the envelope to the lunchroom for the money to be placed on your child’s account.  We will not know how much money your child has on his/her account, so you will need to try to keep up with this, or get in touch with the cafeteria.

Our lunch time is 10:55-11:25.  You may come eat with your child beginning September 30.


Students will need a snack each day.  Please send a food snack and/or something to drink.  Sodas and glass containers are not allowed.  Please be conscious of the snack choices.  Snack time is short, so students should be as independent as possible about opening what they bring.  If students need a spoon or fork with their snack, please send one.  When packing snack, please send it in a different bag from lunch so your child will not accidentally eat snack with lunch.


Teachers are not allowed to administer medication.  All medication should be taken to the office, accompanied with a doctor's note.  Only trained staff members are allowed to administer medication.


Enhancement classes are from 1:00-1:45 and are as follows:

 P.E. (Mr. Coughlin)   Art (Mrs. Blevins)  Media (Mrs. Eichelberger)  Guidance (Weickman)

Technology (Mrs. Ms. Melciorre)  Music (Mrs. Miller) 

We are on a 6 day rotation schedule.  Therefore, our enhancement classes will seldom be on the same day. We will be sending a monthly calendar home to help you remember when your child needs to wear tennis shoes or return library books. Students will not be allowed to participate in P.E. if they do not wear tennis shoes on that day.

Extra Clothes

Please keep an extra change of clothes in a ziploc bag in your child's book bag.  We will not remove the clothes unless they are needed by your child.  The change of clothes will be used if there is a bathroom accident or if your child has a major spill while eating.  Please keep the change of clothes seasonal!


Families are allowed to provide a special snack on their Kindergartner's birthday.  Birthday snacks will be during regular snack time (1:45).  We do ask that you bring individually wrapped items, such as, Little Debbie cakes, rice krispies treats, chips, etc.  We have found that cupcakes with lots of icing are not eaten, and make a huge mess.  Teachers need to be notified prior to the special snack day.

Star Student

Each student is assigned a special week.  They will have special seating at group time, be the line leader, and will be sharing things about themselves all week.  Parents are asked to come in and visit, sharing with the class something special about your family or job.  (Please refer to the "Star of the Week" letter.)


Kindergarten classes will be taking two fieldtrips this year.  When they have been approved, we will notify parents of dates and times and collect money accordingly. 

Classroom Management

Our classroom rules are located on the monthly calendar in front of the green daily folder.  Please review the “Pirate’s Pledge” each day with your child.  The consequences are on the right of the page.  In the event that your child had to move 4 “pledge broken” sticks, you will receive a “Cause and Effect” paper.  On the left side will state the 3 things that your child did that “caused” him/her to receive this paper.  On the left side will be 2 “effects” (things that happened because your child broke 4 pledges) in the classroom, and one block will be left for the parent to fill in to let us know what the “effect” of the broken pledges was at home.  It should be signed and returned the very next day.

We are certain that all questions have not been addressed, but we will be glad to answer any notes you may send.  Please be patient with us as we will do the same with you and your Kindergartner.