Student Enrollment Procedures

  * Student Enrollment documents may be downloaded

You will need to bring the following documentation with you

1. Copy of withdrawal form or last report card;

2.  Proof of residency (some type of power bill, lease statement, etc. that proves you live in our district);
3.  Copy of birth certificate;
4.  Copy of driver's license;
5.  Copy of immunization records; 
6.  Copy of custody papers (if applicable); 
7.  Copy of  any EC (special education) or AIG paperwork.

Our having the remaining items will expedite scheduling the student's classes:  

  • Copies of NC End-of-Grade Test scores
  • Copies of NC Writing Test scores
  • Copies of other standardized test scores
  • Copies of any school-based curriculum placement assessments (for example, advanced math placement testing)  
  • Copies of any evaluations or tests to determine if student is academically gifted    
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