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Parent Information Sheet
The Early Morning Care Program provides a safe, stimulating environment for students whose family situationrequires childcare before school hours. Only students who attend Four Oaks Elementary School are eligible for enrollment in the Early Morning Care Program.

Hours: 6:45 - 8:15 on regular school days. NO Early Care on Teacher Workdays. Initial registration fee: $10.00 per child
Monthly Fees: (per child). Monthly fees are due on the 1st day of every month.

Aug./Sept.--$100.00 (This does NOT include the Registration fee $10.00)

Oct.-April--$80.00 for each month


  • Please make checks payable to “Four Oaks Elementary.” You must include your phone number on the check.

  • Please do not include the registration fee with your monthly payment. For record keeping purposes, these

    fees must be separate.

  • 1st – 5th grade parents, your Aug. / Sept. payment of $100.00 may be paid on orientation day or on the 1st

    day of school during the program hours of operation

  • Kindergarten parents will not be charged for the month of August since Kindergarten does not start until

    Sept. 5. Your September payment will be $80.00.

  • Late Fees: If your fees are not paid by the 5th day of the month, there will be an additional late fee of

    $5.00 added to your monthly bill. If your fees are not paid by the 10th day of the month, your child will be

    dismissed from the program.

  • Rates are not pro-rated. Fees will not be adjusted for reduced hours, absences, weather cancellations, etc.

  • No Refunds. We will not give refunds if your child is absent or if our school schedule has been affected by

    inclement weather. Fees are monthly.

  • For your child’s safety, only the parent or legal guardian may make changes to the registration form. If any

    information needs to be changed throughout the school year, please see the before-school care personnel.

    Inclement Weather: If there is a delay in school starting, then the before-school program is also delayed for that same amount of time. We will not have before school care in the event that Saturdays are used for make-up days.
    Medical Conditions: If your child has a medical condition, please make sure it is written on the registration form. Please inform the before-school care personnel if there are any medical changes throughout the school year. Administration of medications can only be performed in accordance with JCS Board of Education policies.

    Rules: All Johnston County Code of Student Conduct rules, Four Oaks Elementary School rules and Johnston County Dress Code rules must be followed by all students in the before-school care program. Any incidents of student misbehavior will be discussed promptly with parents. On the 3rd offense, the student will be dismissed from the program. Severe infractions shall result in immediate dismissal. Please discuss the importance of following rules with your child.
    Enrollment: Complete the Enrollment form and attach the Initial Registration fee. Space is limited and will be filled on a first come first served policy.