Employee Information  

The information provided here is primarily for current Johnston County Schools' employees.  If you have any questions, please contact Human Resource Services at 919-934-6032 ext. 255.

Inclement Weather -- In case of school cancellation or early dismissal due to inclement weather, it is important that all staff members clearly understand the options related to the work day. For detailed information please click here.

Health Certificate -- All new employees are required to have a physical, including a TB test, within the first 60 days of employment. Forms are provided during the new hire sign-up appointment, or can be downloaded by clicking here.

Address or Telephone Number Change Request -- In order to keep your personnel file up to date with our office, please submit an address change form to Human Resource Services.  The form can be downloaded here, and may be sent by Courier from your school, by mail to Central Services, or by fax to 919-989-1095.

Name Change Procedures
-- Several forms must be updated in the event that an employee changes his/her name.  Please contact Human Resource Services regarding the necessary process and forms. More detailed information is available by clicking here.

The resignation form is available at your school or at the Human Resource Services office.  Employees should complete the form and return it to the Chief Personnel Officer by courier from your school or by mail.  A copy, once reviewed, is sent to your former principal. Please note that certified employees are required to provide 30 days notice prior to resignation.

You will receive a letter verifying receipt and acceptance of your resignation, along with information on completing an exit survey. Please complete the survey so that we may use the data in our efforts to continuously improve Johnston County Schools. 

Transfer Requests -- Requests for transfer must be renewed each year to ensure active and current intent.  To request or renew a transfer request, send the request form to the Chief Personnel Officer no later than June 15th of the current year. You can download the form here.

Once submitted, the request is reviewed and approved by the Chief Personnel Officer.  Once approved, your request is entered on our database and a notification letter is sent to both you and your current supervisor/principal.

Principals receive a copy of the transfer database two times per month via email.

ONCE A TRANSFER IS APPROVED, complete the Employee Relocation form to have accounts, documents and your JCS website transferred to the new school. 

Extracurricular Duties -- Employees may volunteer for extracurricular duties.  To do so, a form requesting to volunteer in an extracurricular duty position should be submitted to Robin Little, Chief Personnel Officer.  Additional information is available by clicking here.

Employee self-service  Access your information!  This will allow you to see what is currently on file with Central Services with respect to your demographic information and renewal credits.

Employee Leave Agreements:  Any employee who needs to take a leave of absence (6 or more days) for personal or professional reasons should submit a request for leave.  Contact Kay Gardner at 919-934-6032, ext. 249 if you have any questions.

Voluntary Shared Leave (VSL):  Individuals who would like to request VSL should complete the application (available from your school's secretary) and return it to Human Resource Services.  Once the committee has reviewed your request, you will be notified of their decision. 

Individuals who would like to donate leave should complete a donor's request (available from your school's secretary) and return it to Human Resource Services. 

Tax forms -- To change your income tax deductions, you must submit an updated W-4 (federal) and NC-4 (state) withholding form to Human Resource Services. 

JCS Employee Discounts -- The local business community wants to thank you for all that you do for the students in Johnston County's schools.  We are providing this comprehensive list of business and service providers who have agreed to give all JCS employees a discount over their regular prices and/or fees.  Johnston County Schools does not endorse any of these vendors or service providers.  Please visit this site often as the discounts may change.

To redeem any discount, you must identify yourself as a JCS Employee and produce your employee ID badge.

If you have any questions about these benefits please contact Human Resource Services; 919/934-6032, ext. 262.  

The table listing of discounts is now available to download as a PDF document.  As businesses continue to contact us regarding additional discounts, the table will be updated so check back often!

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