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Hi Mrs. Shea,

I'm Jesse's Mom. I am so impressed with your website that I wanted to send you a quick email!!!! I work 10 - 12 hours per day and make sure Jesse and his brothers are taken care of......that doesn't leave much time for visiting websites. During orientation you mentioned the fact that you had spent a great deal of time working on the site, so I wanted to make sure I looked at it. I can promise you that your website is now one of my 'favorites'. I think it will be a big help. I will be able to spend a few minutes each day looking over the site, which will help me plan for the night.
Thanks for all your work on the site! I work lots of hours, but my children are priority;so, if you need anything from me this year, please don't hesitate to ask.

This site is great. I am sure we wil visit lots as the year goes on.
Thank you Mrs. Shea for taking the time to keep it up.
Hi Mrs. Shea and 4th grade class (hi Robert!),

I wanted to visit the class webpage and boy am I impressed! What a wonderful page you have. I really like the Cranium Club it as well as all of the other important information provided, it sounds like a really fun way to learn even more; Mrs. Shea I would like Robert to take advantage of this. Also, I would like to volunteer to help in the the class, although my schedule is really hectic right now (on-line classes) and work, I can help from home with some of things mention in previous "Peek at the Week". I also have every 6th Thursday off, so please feel free to sign me up with helping in the classroom on those days. If you should need to contact me, my e-mail is Thanks!
I visit regularly since Taran shared your site with me. You have tons of useful information and links embedded in this site. I can tell you love your job and the children in your class. Thanks for being you!!!! Taran is a very lucky child.
My daughter Hannah McIntyre is in Mrs. Robert's class. She has mentioned possibly changing classes with your class as well as Mrs. Williams' class. I like to check the different websites for all the teachers and found yours very interesting.

By the way I am not sure, but I believe the secret word might possibly be "Emma".

Have a great weekend.
I just stopped by to see if I could find the mystery word! I also did a little of the Cranium Club. I showed my little brother the website he loved the baseball sounds!!!!!! Have a great night!
Your website is great and very helpful. I am homeschool Mom. We have been in California for 5 years. Now , we are in Thailand. I have 2 kid 15 and 10 Tanya and Raymond. Thank you for your useful website.
Great Site -
Found it through EduHound. Truly a site to be proud of. Your parents and students must love checking in on it daily. I am an elementary SPED teacher in a Master's program for Educational Technology, I recently finished a web design class. Your site has given me so many ideas to improve my own - now to find the time...

You would think w/all that WE have been through this year, I would have gotten around to this. The websitesite is AWSOME! I have viewed it numerous times and never sign the guest book. I must say Robert enjoys it as well.

I would like to say simply Thank you! You have been more than a teacher; you have been a friend and I really appreciate all of your dedication, understanding, and EXTRA efforts given. I know this has been a trying few months w/Robert and your continued support is very much appreciated without a doubt.

Thank you again and have a great summer!

Mr/Mrs Robert & Tamesia Wright

P.S. Get some rest you have earned it...
You have the coolest teacher website I've ever seen. You have given me a goal to strive for in planning and developing my own website. I am so blessed to have encountered your Handbook and then your website. Know that you are really a source of inspiration. Your students (past and future) are truly blessed to have a teacher so "with it"! Thanks for sharing with this Georgia teacher!
Thanks so much for sharing your very well organized web page with the public. I am a teacher in FL and am moving from 3rd to 5th grade this upcoming school year. I am very interested in starting my own web page this coming year so have been investigating others for content and so forth. I have a link within our school's web pages but not a stand alone one. Thanks again for sharing!
We have checked out your website and are already excited to meet you. It sounds like you will surely make this a fun year for Harrison. We will be ready and willing to help in any way, so don't hesitate to let us know. We look forward to the 27th!
I hope you have had a awesome summer!!! This year I am in the fifth grade and my teacher is Mrs. Dianne Parker. I will stop bye your classroom before I go to my new homeroom. I hope you have a lot of new students and I will update you on my year in fifth grade has been.

Your 2006-2007 Student,

Kaci Lee Crumpler
Ms. Shea, I really LOVE your website! It looks super nice with the Baseball theme, and I like the play off your name! You have really done a great job!
Nice website! Really like the design.
Awesome web site! You did a terrific job
Wow! It looks I'm feeling intimidated in starting one. Smiley
(New Message)
I like the web site! It's cute. Will visit again later this year.
Your site looks beautiful! What lucky students and families you have! Thanks for sharing!
Thank you for inviting me into your classroom via internet. You have the same graphics taste as me...I LOVE THISTLEGIRL DESIGNS! Many blessings as you get ready to begin the 2008-2009 school year!
I love your site theme. Looks great! Ü
Terri Stahlheber
Visiting Shea Stadium has been an "out of the ballpark experience". . .congratulations on such an informative, attractive, creative, and fun site! The students and parents of Mrs. Shea's class are blessed to have such a wonderful teacher. Best wishes for a winning season in 2008-2009!
I enjoyed your website! I espeically like the Cranium Club! I am looking for ways to motivate 2nd and 5th grade Language Arts students to read!
Mrs. Shea,

I love your website! I also have the Sports Fun graphics. I created a 4th grade teacher's club on groups.msn. I am new to teaching 4th grade and would appreciate any ideas from other teachers. Joining is free.
Hi!!! I enjoyed visiting your website. What a fun and exciting classroom for learning to take place. I just had to email you when I read to find out that you are from Crown Point, Indiana. I currently live in Sauk Village and teach special education in Chicago. Have a great school year and email me sometime......(
WOW!!! I am so impressed. I have spent many hours on different websites looking for behavior plans to use in my classroom this year. This will be my first year of teaching full time in 4th grade. I love your website and hope to institute different things with my students this year. I have been following my husband around the world while he serves in the Air Force and have only been able to teach part of the school year or half time. I look forward to having my own class and your website will be very helpful. Thanks!
I love your site!!! Thank you for sharing! It is great!
Great Web-site
I have been viewing your website this summer and all I can say is WOW!!! My son John Ross Parrish will be entering the 4th grade there at West Clayton and I already feel like I know you! I even bragged on you to Mr. Bunn! Your website really gives us parents insite to what goes on in your classroom. I can't wait until Thursday when we find out who's class we will be in this year! I love volunteering and can't wait for the school year to start!
i love your web site and think it will be helpful throughout the school year. i will help you all i can this year do not be afraid to ask!!! great job on this web site!!!!
Thanks for the great ideas and all your help. Your students are lucky to have you as their teacher!
I'm looking forward to Luke being in your class this year. You seem to be so enthusiastic about working with the children. Your website is so helpful, as well as fun to look at. I will be glad to help on most Mondays and can do whatever you need me to. Thanks alot! Tammy
Hi Mrs. Shea your web page is cool!
Hi Ms Shea...I am Allexis Chapman's Grandmother. I looked at your website and saw that you take a lot of pride in it. You appear to be on the same wave length as Allexis' previous teachers, here in South Carolina. If I can be of help please let me know. I wish you the best for the 2008-2009 school season. Beverly Harmon
Hey Mrs. Shea! Your website is great!! It is very informative and organized. Clay has definitely been enjoying the study you are doing on rocks. He is very hands-on so the activities have made learning this info even more fun. Thank you for all the extra effort you put forth to challenge our kids and to make it fun!
Take care,
Nice site, from a child author.
From Concord, Ca
I so love your page! You are the best teacher ever.
Maddy says you are such a awesome teacher. I love the way you teach!
She really likes being in the book club.
You have got a wonderful site!
My sister Marisol and i like your website it has very fun links.
WOW! This web page is so cool!
You are a great teacher. My child loved the cookie state test. YUMMY! Thank you.
Hi Mrs Shea, I am in SC visiting my Nannie for the weekend. She showed me your website and we looked at all the class pictures. I will see you tomorrow, Monday in the morning. Hope you had a great weekend!
Hi Mrs. Shea! I just love your website! It is awesome!!!
You have an amazing website. I also teach 4th grade out in CA, and I must admit that I have taken quite a few ideas from your page, so Thank You. Hope that the rest of your school year goes wonderfully. 4th grade rocks!!
Hi you rock you are a great teacher.
This Website is informative, visitors will surely be benefited, Its our pleasure to read informative content on this useful website.
cool web page
I wanted to say hi to Sarah

from Mrs.Long`s class
hey love this website !!!!!!

@+=cool web site mrs.shea
Mrs. Shea,
You are an awesome teacher. I just want to thank you for all you've done for us and the way you love all the kids in your class.You have a fun class and they learn so much from you. Your website is wonderful. I don't know how you have the time for all you do. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this web site it's so awesome !!
(New Message)Thanks for creating such a wonderful site to help others. You can sign my guestbook or sign up for free links on my site at if you wish. I have selected teacher resources for tons of themes to help other teachers. I will be adding more info on my site and blog for teachers. You have a great site with wonderful graphics and organization.
Charlotte Jackson
I can't wait for 4th grade!
Thank you for being my teacher , your really nice.
I know this year is gonna be my best!!!

and i love your website
Mrs. Shea,

I just wanted to stop in and tell you how much I love your site! I feel sure this is a reflection of how much time, thought and care you put into you students education and am very excited Jada has you as her teacher this year!

Thanks for all the sweet notes left by students and parents. We are going to have a great year! We have such a sweet group of kids and excellent, involved parents this year~it is sure to be a GREAT one!
(New Message)Hi Mrs. Shea,

The website is wonderful. I love it and I guess you know by now that Zachary is a baseball fan as well.

Please let me know how he is doing. I am just a phone call away.

Take care and keep up the good work.

Gracie Chamblee
aka Zach's Mom
Mrs.Shea you were my favorite teacher ever. You were fun and nice but you were really tall and it made me feel like a mini troll. The play was fun but I wasn't happy that you made me the farmer but it was okay because we had fun that is all that matters. You were really my favorite teacher!!! Thanks for being a great teacher!!!

Hey Mrs.Shea! How is the year going? I miss being in your class:-(
I like how you changed up your class and website. You are an amazing teacher. Fifth grade is so fun. Have a great year!

Bye-Bye, Maddy
Hi, this is Jada's mom
This web site idea I think was a great idea one of my favorites.I can catch up on lots of things that I have missed and need to review. Keep up the good work love it;-)))!!!!
Hi Mrs. Shea's Class. We are Mrs. Shea's class! We are from Loveland Ohio. Loveland is outside of Cincinnati. We are first graders at St. Columban School. We just wanted to say hello.
Maddy and Catie-
Miss you girls tons! I am glad you are both doing so well in fifth grade!

Thanks for supporting your child's education by visiting the website!

Thanks for the note, St. Columban first graders! I hope you are learning lots! My son is in first grade too!
I just discovered your website. It is a wonderful resource. I will be visiting again. Keep up the awsome work for our youngsters.
Our family enjoyed the scavenger hunt last night at the Open House. It is so great to see what the children are doing. I was telling Wyatt last night when I was in 4th grade that all our class room had was a chalk board and desks, and how lucky he is to have the interactive learning stations.
Thanks for the kind words. I feel blessed to be able to teach in a school with such a great support system of families and classroom resources.
(friends Message)Hi to all my fr1ends
This is an awesome sight. I will be teaching 4th grade next year so I was looking for ideas. I have taught 2nd-3rd grade for 15 years. Thanks for sharing this sight with others!
I love the website! I am a 4th grade teacher, too, from Texas!
Thanks for sharing your ideas~!
I am a teacher and I stumbled on your website. It is an excellent tool for teachers to gain new ideas in planning for next year. Thanks for all the hard work that it took to create this fabulous website. I truly enjoyed browsing through it.
Dear Mrs. Shea

I already sent you an e-mail message. Obviously, I am not as skillful as you are when it comes to using this technology, so pardon my lack.
Greetings from St. Louis, Missouri!
Hi Ms. Shea! We just received the teacher assignment letter and are so pleased to see that Holden will be in your class this year! We had a great experience when Harrison was with you in 4th grade, so we just know Holden's going to have a great year as well. Looking forward to seeing you on Monday!!
Hi Mrs. Shea!
Brooke is very excited to have you this year! We are all big baseball fans so we should fit it well! I love the website. It is really great. We are looking forward to meeting you on Monday! Sherry Gillespie
(New Message)
Hello Mrs Shea,
We just received Austin's teacher assignment and we are very excited that you will be his fourth grade teacher! I just showed Austin your website and he loved it, although we are going to have to convert you to a BRAVES FAN. Your website is amazing and I look forward to using it through the school. I wanted to give you a heads up about a room mom, I would be more than glad to be your room mom this year and I don't mine if someone else would like to help as well. Looking forward to meeting you on Monday.

Bridgett Cagle
Hello! My daughter, Haley Bond, will be in your class this year and she is excited about being in your class! We love your website and look forward to meeting you Monday!

Hello Mrs. Shea!

We feel very blessed that you are Brannon's teacher this year. We have a mutual friend, Jennifer Aldrich, so over the years I have heard such great things about you. We are looking forward to a terrific year and meeting you on Monday!
I am so excited to meet all my new kiddos on Monday! I am so excited to see I know so many of you through older brothers and sisters! Parents, Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our web page. It's great to have such amazing participation already!

Ms. Shea
Hi Mrs. Shea...I love your website. Thank you for sharing. I am a 3rd grade teacher and you have some wonderful ideas! You've given me a lot to think about!
(New Message)I loved your website. I also teach 4th (and 5th) grade in Massachusetts. My blog is if you would like to visit. Mrs. Kennedy
Love reading the comments from so many places. What a reflection of great work. Dgill
Hi! I work with teachers new to the profession. I'm always looking for classroom sites which I can share with them. Your site is awesome!!! Thank you for taking the time to make a site that is a great resource for new teachers!
Hi Ms. Shea,

I am Sydney Rowley's friend from Maine. I am in 4th grade and we used to be in the same class at Lyseth Elementary School in Portland, Maine. I like your website, my teacher has a website also. Have a great year! I miss Sydney!
(New Message) hi everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS!
(New Message)Hi Mrs. Shea. I am a teacher in Monmouth County New Jersey and I stumbled across your site. I must tell you that not only is it awesome, it is very helpful as well.
Thank you for all of the great ideas.
I love my class it is the best!
(New Message) HEY MS. SHEA i MISS YOU
Thank you all for visiting the site! Xaria, I miss ya too sweetie! At leaste I still get to see ya for hugs in the hallway!

Sydney, Thanks for having your friend visit the site too. I'm sure she must miss you a lot!
(New Message)
(New Message)What a wonderful website!!!! It is so inviting-has all the information any parent or child should have. I am so impressed!!!!

Emily Shea said:
Thank you all for visiting the site! Xaria, I miss ya too sweetie! At leaste I still get to see ya for hugs in the hallway! Sydney, Thanks for having your friend visit the site too. I'm sure she must miss you a lot!

Wow---I found your web site while I was looking for links to help my students working on skills. I am very impressed with the Teacher Locke Room and then happened upon your class web page. Your students are very lucky to have such great web sites to help them find practice sites. The clip art is awesome---did you get that from a site online?
Have a great week Smiley
Molly Page said:
Hi Ms. Shea,

I am Sydney Rowley's friend from Maine. I am in 4th grade and we used to be in the same class at Lyseth Elementary School in Portland, Maine. I like your website, my teacher has a website also. Have a great year! I miss Sydney!

DEAr ms.shea i am writing to you because ilike going on our class web Aniyahsite love

(New Message)We really enjoyed looking at the pictures and denisha telling us everyones names. Loved the sport design.
(New Message)
Great website! I am returning to the classroom after a protracted long term illness and can't wait to get back to my favourite grade! I have an old web site from a number of years back when I taught grade 8 rotary history to all grade 8 students and my home room class L. A, and math. It is Mrs.Langan'sclass.
I will be doing a websigte for fourth grade as well. it would be fun if in 2011 we could be international teaching buddies and our ids could communicate in real world fashion with each other. Just an Idea. good luck in the rest of the year.
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