Exploration of different countries was a vital part of the beginning of huge countries with economic and social background that would exceed the standards within the world. If you could go explore any country within the world, which would it be and why would you go?

Make sure you are using 3-4 good sentences to explain your choice!
i would explore china beacuse of their culture and religon i think its cool. i would also explore africa because of the animals and culture they have. exploration would be a fun and enteraining mission.
I would go to Iraqu. I would go because I think it would be cool to be that far away from home. And I could see if the people there are as violent as people make them sound. Then I could come back and tell everyone all about it.
If I had to choose any country to explore I would most likely choose Asia because I think that there is still a lot for us to discover over there still. It would be cool to find something that no one knew about.
If i had to chose a country that i could explore today it would probably be Paris. the reason why i would want to go there is so i could see if they really eat raw snails like in all the movies. All of the beautiful places, shows, restaurants would be amazing to me. i would like to start a business there like a fancy restaurant or something like that. maybe make a lot of money there if i could.
If I could explore any country in the world I would go to France. I would go to France to see the Eiffel Tower and eat the various types of foods. I would also go there because of how far away it is and just to go someplace outside of the United States.
The country I would want to vist is France because,It's very beautifull over there.They have nice decorations,nice people,and best off all good food. I would want to go there with my bestfriend because,we would have a blast there.
if i could go anywhere i would want to explore France. i dont know what it is about it but it makes me feel at peace just to see the artifacts from different places by different artists and to see the famous artwork there is besides the mona lisa and the statue of liberty which would be the eiffle tower and to see the styles that they would wear and compare it to my home town and see the difference in both places and grow to their enviroment
If I can visit any country, It'd probably be Antarctica. I would visit it because I want to see what the land looks like. I also want to because I want to feel how cold it is. I want to see if any animals live their or if there is any vegetation!
If I could go explore any country in the world, I would go explore Australia due to the beaches, climate, food, and diverse wildlife. The climate and terrain is extremely different from that in the United States, especially in places like the Outback. As a result, the plants and animals are very different from what we are used to and I find that interesting. The beaches are supposed to be really nice and beautiful also.
I would visit France b/c i always wanted up in the eiffeltower and look at the view of everything around me. I would like to walk the streets with my bestfriends. And,like eat at the different fancy restaurants that doesn't even cost alot of money.
I would to go France. I would explore all the places and tall buildings especially the Eiffel Tower. I would like to see what their main religion is and the cultures that go about France's capital Paris. I would like to see many ethnic backgrounds from different people.
if i could go explore any country in the world i would go to australia. i would go there to explore their culture and see how they live on that side of the world . also i would see what foods they eat and see how diffrent their lives are compared to americans. if i went to australia i would want to try and eat kagaroo meat , i think it would taste good.
I would go to Italy because, of its historic back ground with rome and the rennasiance. most of itlaian religion has changed thourout the last centuery, i'd llike to see all the uniqe buildings in Italy like the Collusem,the Tower of Piza, and it would be aswome to visit Monterigoni.
I would probably want to go visit Egypt, because theres so many historical events that took place there. I want to also see the famous Pyramids and Tombs, and because back in the old ages, Egypt was one of the most civilized and advance civilizations in the world. They also created and designed the basics for alot of things, and still their intellectual abilities are remarkable to todays scientist and the pyramids had our scientist puzzled on how the Egyptains managed to create them succesfully. Theres alot of good reasons to visit Egypt, so thats why I would visit Egypt.
I would go to England. I'd go there because that is were my ancestors came from and to see all the old castles and stuff. I'm planning to go in a few years because my family is going.
I think I would want to go to France. I would like to go anywhere around that area as well. There are alot of things from history that I would like to see. A good example would be the eiffel Tower.
I would explore Italy because that is where the renaissance began and it is a very beautiful and cultural place with very eye pleasing landmarks and building structure. It would be a great place to just travel through and explore.
well if i reely had a choice to choose a country to go to, then it would be mexico. i would like to see if all the stories and legends and witch craft stuff in mexico is true. i would also liketo go see some of their foods and money and stuff like that. plus id go there to find some answers becuz there is still things that we dont no about mexico and they are just sitting there waiting to be out in the open.
If i had the choice to explore any country(s) it would be china & Africa because of there religion, and there culture. and it would be interesting to learn more about there religion & culture & meeting the new people. i think exploring these countries would be an educational, and interesting mission.
If I could explore any country it would be South America or the Middle East. I would want to explore South American because I find the Hispanic culture interesting and i wouldn't mind learning how to speak Spanish fluently. I would want to explore the Middle East because I would like to understand and get a personal look on the Islamic religion and culture.
If i could explore any county it would be Japan . I would explore japan because it seem like a preaty cool area and thats where baseball was first played and invented. There is also a interest in the war we had over there . Maybe i coul;d got to museums to see what the war was like
I would go to Africa because it would be intersting to see a place that did not have the same values as the U.S. I think it would make me realise what i have and make me recpect it more. Also it has a alwsome wild life, i would like to see the aminals that life there and see how they live. So i think i would go there for wild life and to see the poverty.
I would go to Japan. Japan has always been a place of high interest to me, and i would love to learn more about it. The old Japanese culture is something I can see myself greatly getting into and something I feel i could get a good understanding of. Maybe i could even learn to write in Japanese, and learn to speak it as well.
If I could explore a different country I would fly and explore Scotland. My reasoning behind wanting to become enthroved with the ensnaring cultural affairs of Scotland is simply because of the Celtic culture that lies behind the nation as a whole. The landmarks and battlefields that the Scottish government works so hard to conserve have grown over and are absolutely stunning. I have heard from my aunt, who traveled there in 2003 that the gardens of Scotland are absolutely extravagant and beautiful when they catch the penetrating shadows from the celtic castles that loom above. I also know that Scotland has a wide range of strong, unique buildings that are considered architectural marvels such as Melrose Abbey which is known for it's high gothic detail paired with delicate tracery and flying butresses, and Kelso Abbey which is more known for it's massive proportion and simplicity when it comes to decoration.
I feel like I want want to go to china and Japan. The reason for that is to see all the modern technology that they use over there and learn and apply it to our daily modern life here in the US. This type of technology is not just great to know, but also should be a major effect to the economy and could possibly boost it. If we introduce new technology, then we will need people to learn how to use it. This means that we would also need people to teach others how to use it. In the long run this would most likely create more jobs which might possibly make at least a little dent in the economy that the US has as of today.
i want to go to japan becuse they have anime the colors and the art is very moving exciteing im all about art cuse i fill in art you can exspess your feeling through it im sorry im getting of topic but ya becuse of there art there fighting style cuse thats the real thing not like the tecnology but but mostly there art im live there .
If I could go to any country it would be Britain. I would go there because I would live to see all the sights and landscapes. I would also want to go there because I love British accents, and I want to meet the people who live there.
I would really like to travel to Greece. I believe its a beautiful country with rich cultural history. If I were planning a trip to Greece I would make sure I would be able to attend a Festival that way I could meet the people and really understand their culture.
I would go to Australia. I would go there because I would want to the different cultures that are there. I would also want to go there because I would want to explore the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House. The different animals would be awesome to see too.
If i could go and explore any county in the world i would go and explore Asia because, of the animals they have and the next country i would do would probly be Africa because of the different things you could find there and different species of animals.
If I could go to any country in the world it would be Russia. It would be because of their culture, climate, and personal interests. They have a long and interesting history and culture, and the buildings with the round tops look pretty cool. Personally i think Russia is one of the coolest countries, because of all the controversies behind it.
i would choose europe, because of their landmarks and culture. And just the way of their arts such as statues , 16 chapel, paintings. the romans fought for their right to uphold their empire. It would be an exciting adventure to explore all over europe and find new things.
If I was to explore somewhere I would like to go to
Italy not just because of the foo by a lot the beautiful
Art and the nice new culture that brings you back into
New history!!
I would explore France because i believe they live differently then we do. It would be interesting seeing where we sort of started before we explored and came over here. And see where their civilization and partly ours began.
If I had to choose and country in the world to explore it would be Africa. I would like to explore Africa just to see how they live. And see what religions they have. Also, just to see the nature and wild life there.
If i had o choose a country to explore i would choose china because i think that there is a lot that i can be able to explore there. i also think that china is a great place to explore because of the interesting agriculture there is . china is a great country to explore because i would be able to see what happened back then with monks and other agriculturalist people.
If I could explore a different country i would pick Mexico . I would like to see all the beautiful artifacts from Mexico , and learn about all the legends and scary stories and also the history . I would also like to go to Mexico to meet my family i have never met before yet . And Also To Get A Bag Full Of Their Yummy Candy .
I would love to travel to Africa, because there is so much history that traces all the way back to Africa including, ancient fossils, the slave trade, and discovering new species of wildlife really makes Africa a wonderful place to learn about where most of Earths history comes from.
i would want to go to Itlay. i would like to see a lot of things in Italy and becuse its a pretty place.
I would like to go to Spain. I would like to explore the beauty of the national parks, and the museums. I would like to learn more about the language, the cultures, the food they eat, the type of work they do for a living, the type of clothes they wear. I would also like to explore some of the landmark buildings. I hope to travel there one day in the near future.
If i could explore anywhere, personally i would go to Italy. Their culture, their arhetecture, sculptures, buildings, musems, churches, libaries, etc. Everything is beautiful there. It would truly be man expirnce of a life time. Their stores, clothes, their food. I would be in heaven. i mwould be somuch fun to meet people an learn their ways of living, i would love to explore Italy. mThe old city, wine country. it would be so beautiful and so muchfun.
I would go to china because I think that is I nice place and has a lot of good thinks that I like. China is a Big place and i would like to help
I would go to Africa. I would go to try to find a fure for cancer and aids. I think the world would be a better place if there were a cure for these diseases.
It seems as if it could be fun there to. I want to go there because they make alot of our stuff thats here now. And I would like to see how they make. It could be educational also.
I would go to Germany becuase it would be cool to see some of the diffrent cultures and events and etc. like that.